Planos Lichtband LED

The ideal lighting installation has to meet very special requirements: it must provide uniform illumination for perfect working or shopping conditions, and it must also be easy to install in high ceiling constructions. Ideally, the lighting system should also offer flexible options for many different installation components, and, of course, also remain cost-effective. These are quite a few qualification criteria. Particularly in such a demanding working environment, the PLANOS LED light channel system by RZB feels very much at home!

Thanks to its flexible all-round capability, the rapid-installation light channel is ideal for use in industrial and assembly halls or for areas in sales and trade, and meets all of the requirements and standards of professional illumination with flying colours.

This system is based on a mounting rail which is available in three different lengths. With the help of a connecting element, the individual rails can be adapted to any length quite easily, quickly and without tools.

The exceptional flexibility becomes particularly apparent in the installation options for luminaire components – for different demands in use require different illumination solutions. For this reason, many components, from the right LED gear compartment to accentuating projectors or even emergency lighting components, can be installed on the basis of the mounting rail.

RZB sets new standards with its LED technology and the PLANOS light channel system. The LED light channel will convince you not only through its energy efficiency and significant cost savings, but also through its high performance and low maintenance requirements. PLANOS is also characterised by a specially developed optical system in the lens, which guarantees improved visual comfort and good anti-glare properties. Thanks to the high-quality finished and the purity of the optical system there is no yellowish colour shift. Four different luminous intensities and four different light distribution modes guarantee optimum illumination. The visually continuous illumination along the entire module length of 1,500 mm ensures uninterrupted light emission over the entire length of all connected modules.

The light management components that are also available in the PLANOS system, such as movement detectors, light sensors and special elements for emergency lighting, help to achieve even greater cost savings, comfort and security.



  • LED light channel system offering intuitive installation and handling
  • 1:1 replacement for fluorescent lamps
  • Colour rendering index Ra > 80
  • LED rated life 50,000 hrs (L80, B10)
  • Mounting track and luminaire inserts can be assembled without use of tools
  • Extension modules with projectors and light management accessories
  • Continuous and uniform light emission along the entire length (1500 mm LED insert)
  • Four different light distribution modes available, depending on requirements
  • Can be extended with emergency lighting components
  • Operating range - 20°C to + 45°C
  • Suitable for AC/DC operation in accordance with EN 50172
  • Also available as an emergency luminaire in accordance with EN 60598-2-22