The incredible lightness of being

The MONDANA, which was created by the industrial designer Hartmut S. Engel, combines the gentle, glare-free, direct light of the ultrathin diffuser with skilfully designed reflections … thus creating something hauntingly beautiful: a playful lightness of light and form in a weightless, almost sensual dance.

The phenomenon MONDANA gives the phrase "circle of influence" a completely new meaning: with the greatest of ease, the luminaire tricks the eye of the beholder and appears as a floating circle with an impressively homogeneous luminous effect. At the same time, its indirect light illuminates the basic reflection surface and emphasises its colouring and texture. This wall and ceiling luminaire, which has won several international design awards, thus serves architecture as a valuable design element. With its traditionally perfect workmanship, MONDANA combines these high design standards with state-of-the-art lighting technology and pioneering efficiency - with the LED variants of the series, energy savings of up to 80 per cent are possible compared to their conventional counterparts. The uniquely flat diffusers of this series are optionally produced from hand-blown 3-layer opal glass with satin finish, or from shockproof polyethylene, with an opal satin finish; they are available in various diameters up to 550 millimetres. The protection class IP 65 provides secure protection from rain and humidity and keeps the luminaire free from dirt and insects. Pressure compensation and the reduction of condensation are guaranteed by the Gore™ membrane valve. The generously dimensioned cable routing compartment and the practical screw-on fitting make positioning, installation and lamp changes simple and easy.


  • Aesthetically appealing series of recessed, semi-recessed and surface mounted luminaires for indoor and outdoor use
  • Variants with state-of-the-art LED technology for up to 80 % energy savings;
    lamps are included in the scope of delivery
  • Diffusor made of hand-blown 3-layer opal glass with satin finish or shockproof polyethylene (PE) with an opal satin finish
  • Available in 5 different diameters
  • Soft, glare-free lighting, UGR < 19
  • Protection class IP 65
  • secure protection from rain and humidity, the luminaire is kept free from from dirt and insects
  • Fitted as standard with Gore™ membrane valve for pressure compensation and reduction of condensation
  • Can also be used as an emergency luminaire (with individual battery or for central emergency power supply)
    - thus permitting integrated design concepts
  • Wide scope for connecting cables for easy positioning
  • Lamps can be changed without tools thanks to screw-on fitting
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux UGR (4H 8H)
551100.002.76 551100.002.76 D 650, H 2 LED 840 21 W 1850 lm 19,0
551100.002.12 551100.002.12 D 650, H 2 LED 840 21 W 1850 lm 19,0
551100.002.1.76 551100.002.1.76 D 650, H 2 LED 830 21 W 1850 lm 19,0
551100.002.1.12 551100.002.1.12 D 650, H 2 LED 830 21 W 1850 lm 19,0
551099.002.76 551099.002.76 D 530, H 2 LED 840 13 W 1150 lm 18,7
551099.002.12 551099.002.12 D 530, H 2 LED 840 13 W 1150 lm 18,7
551099.002.1.76 551099.002.1.76 D 530, H 2 LED 830 13 W 1150 lm 18,7
551099.002.1.12 551099.002.1.12 D 530, H 2 LED 830 13 W 1150 lm 18,7
551087.002.12 551087.002.12 D 352, H 2 LED 840 9 W 650 lm 20,1
551087.002.1.12 551087.002.1.12 D 352, H 2 LED 830 9 W 620 lm 20,0
551086.002.12 551086.002.12 D 352, H 2 LED 840 9 W 510 lm 17,1
551086.002.1.12 551086.002.1.12 D 352, H 2 LED 830 9 W 510 lm 17,1

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