Terra Edelstahl


Out of this world?

When you think what effort, usually unsuccessful, is put into the search for the "perfect" recessed ground luminaire, one does in fact tend to describe the TERRA EDELSTAHL family as "out of this world". Yet its members are by no means extraterrestrials - they are simply heavenly solutions for earthly problems like condensation, corrosion, wiring etc.

Let us stay down to earth and look very realistically at the models and their properties. It soon becomes clear that they all simply serve one purpose: that is, to give you a highly modern LED recessed ground luminaire which can be adapted to any conceivable installation situation, and which can meet the highest standards of tightness, corrosion resistance, performance, efficiency, handling and form language, and which also offers not just a compromise but a satisfactory and permanent solution even for the most tricky requirements and challenges. The entire range of professional lighting tasks can be covered with the three customisable basic models (TE 130, TE 190 and TE 245) - from playful illumination to powerful property and facade lighting. Depending on the model, you can choose between different screens, light colours, installation housings and light distributions – or benefit from astronomical advantages, such as the adjustment of the beam angle from the outside, when installed and with fully tight housings.

Specific properties Type TE 130

  • Choice of three different light distributions: Narrow Spot, Medium Spot and Flood
  • LEDPAR16 version featuring GU10 socket available
  • LED Version: No condensed water inside by hermetically sealed inner compartment and vapour seal
  • Durable corrosion resistance even in aggressive soil warrantied by housing of thermoset material, cover ring made of marine grade stainless steel
  • High object illuminance due to precise optics despite low power

Specific properties Type TE 190

  • 3 different beam angles, beam direction adjustable by 15° all round
  • The beam angle can be adjusted from the outside, in integrated state and with completely sealed housing
  • Choice of 2 light colours (3000K - 830, 4000K - 840)
  • Hermetically sealed interior – guaranteed free of condensation
  • Housing made of durable duroplastic (saltwater-resistant) with bezel ring made of V4A stainless steel for high corrosion resistance, even in aggressive soils
  • Direct connection in the housing, no adapter required

Specific properties Type TE 245

  • Different light distribution versions:
    2 x parabolic < 16°, 48° or asymmetrical, fixed light output direction
  • 2 x parabolic light distribution < 10°, 28°, light output direction adjustable up to 10°
  • Choice of 2 light colours (3000K - 830, 4000K - 840)
  • Flexible 1-metre H07-RN8-F connecting cable, suitable for IP 68 rapid action connector or moulded housing for connection without opening the housing
  • Choice of 3 different installation housings for underground cable or conduit wiring
  • Non-slip glass, class R12, and anti-glare lamella as optional accessories


  • LED recessed ground luminaires for the highest standards of performance quality and design
  • Four types of luminaires (TE 60, TE 120, TE 190, TE 245) with application-specific beam angles and light outputs – for all conceivable requirements
  • High structural load possible (2,000 kg)
  • Optionally circular or square screens (type-dependent) made of V4A stainless steel
  • Condensation seal integrated in the housing ("Vapour Seal")
  • Corrosion-proof housing made of die-cast aluminium, powder coated
  • Safety class I: electrically safe, even if the glass is broken
  • Protection class IP 68: not in danger of failure even with large precipitation quantities or less than ideal water drainage
  • Easy replacement of scratched glass: ideal if there is regular or increased need for maintenance
  • Installation housing available as optional accessory
  • Fast installation thanks to well thought-out installation accessories
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Beam Angle
641296.000.1 641296.000.1 D 190, H 2 LED 840 12 W 860 lm 37°
641296.000 641296.000 D 190, H 2 LED 830 12 W 810 lm 37°
641295.000.1 641295.000.1 D 190, H 2 LED 840 12 W 860 lm 20°
641295.000 641295.000 D 190, H 2 LED 830 12 W 810 lm 20°
641294.000.1 641294.000.1 D 190, H 2 LED 840 12 W 860 lm 12°
641294.000 641294.000 D 190, H 2 LED 830 12 W 810 lm 12°

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