DALI push dimmer

For use with push buttons.

Housing: plastic. Digital push dimmer for switching and dimming up to 25 DALI converters (max. 50 DALI converters when operating two DALI push dimmers in parallel, can be extended to max. 4 control points). Automatic synchronisation between the control points. Integrated DALI power supply which supplies the necessary DALI control current (= active mode) or power supply directly from the DALI control line (= passive mode). Broadcast mode (no DALI addressing required). Max. length of the DALI control cable 300 m (with 1.5 mm2). Installation in flush-mounted socket.

Order Number Description 1 Number of Luminaires (1 EB) Number of Sensors which can be connected
982252.002 982252.002 L 48, B 48, H 22 25

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