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Customised smart light control

With smart+free RZB Lighting is supplementing its lighting management systems portfolio with wireless control of luminaires using Bluetooth®. smart+free makes it possible to individually switch and dim luminaires as well as set up groups and lighting scenes. In addition the colour temperature of tunable white luminaires can be controlled and colour settings can be made with RGB and RGBW luminaires. This variable, stepless LED colour temperature control from warm white to cold white is nothing else but the basis for circadian daylight simulation and therefore for one of the very latest areas of application: Human Centric Lighting. Under “Animations” individual sequences can be created and started from different scenes. The “Timer” function offers the possibility to switch a luminaire or an entire scene on certain days at certain times. Many luminaire ranges from RZB fitted with a smart+free module can be controlled straight away with a smartphone or tablet. All you need is the “Casambi app”, which you can download for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. Once the app is started up, it automatically finds all the smart+free-controlled luminaires that are switched on. You can find the RZB luminaire ranges that are already equipped with this module by searching for reference numbers ending in .730. The smart+free module can also be ordered separately to retrofit many other RZB luminaire ranges with this wireless control system. smart+free solutions are perfect for existing public buildings and private residential buildings, as 3-wire cabling is sufficient.



Download the free app and learn more about individual light management with smart+free!

(B)RIGHT POINTS smart+free

  • Light management system for Bluetooth® based wireless lighting control,
  • 3-wire cabling sufficient,
  • Wireless networking via Bluetooth® Low Energy,
  • Operation using standard push buttons, smartphones and tablet PCs,
  • Control possible using Android / iOS device,
  • Free app available for download,
  • Light and motion sensors can be integrated,
  • Tunable White und RGB applications possible,
  • Its small size makes it ideal for installation inside luminaires.
Order Number Description 1 Description 2
982618.002 982618.002 L 40, B 36, H 14
982378.032 982378.032 L 56, B 36, H 22 1 tunable white DALI DT8 converter can be connected
982378.022 982378.022 L 56, B 36, H 22 1 RGBW DALI DT6 converter can be connected
982378.012 982378.012 L 56, B 36, H 22 1 RGB DALI DT6 converter can be connected
982378.002 982378.002 L 56, B 36, H 22 1 DALI converter can be connected

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