The essence of light and aesthetics

Cutting back to the essentials is an art. How do you get down to the essence of things? Where is the point at which there is nothing else to add and nothing left to take away? What is a good light and what is a good design? These are all elementary questions to which there is only one convincing answer: LESS IS MORE®

LESS IS MORE 21 / 27

With a minimalist design, myriad accessory options, and outstanding lighting quality: Less is more is a prime example of the art of reduction - and an extremely successful combination of form and function. Featuring state-of-the-art LED technology, they can be used for powerful and efficient general or accentuated lighting, and the range of sizes and lamps mean they can be used in just about any conceivable situation.

Planners and users can select from various luminance levels and colour temperatures, and can obtain the exact type of light diffusion desired via micro-grid and micro prismatic or opal covers.

UNCOMPLICATED. INDIVIDUAL. RELIABLE PLANNING. Plan live with the LOUI configurator your luminaire systems here.

LESS IS MORE 27 Kristall

The version with striking crystal glass cover painted white on the inside and high-quality aluminium profile surface deserves a special mention: the power supply is not via a separate cable but is "invisible" via the suspension cable; this makes the luminaires appear even more graceful. And so they not only provide soft, indirect upward light and powerful downward lighting, they also make an extremely clear design statement.


A PERFECT LIGHT LINE. Now also as wall luminaire !

The LESS IS MORE 50 LED light strip adds to the LESS IS MORE range with a linear light that is stripped back to the basics. An external converter does not detract from the look. The integrated ballast ensures a perfectly coherent line of light, which makes a clear design statement. The linear system can be installed as a surface, wall or pendant mount luminaire and shows counters or corridors in hotels, shops and private areas in their best light. The "Alea optical system", developed by RZB, is a new feature of the luminaires.

The "Alea optical system" combines square reflector elements to form a linear structure. The integrated opal diffuser reduces direct glare, ensures excellent light quality and protects the LEDs. The LESS IS MORE 50 with "Alea optical system" is therefore ideal for offices (UGR<19) and computer workstations in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.


    LESS IS MORE® 21
    • LED luminaire with a minimalist design with light emission on three sides.
    • Profiles's surface made of anodised aluminium or white.
    • Luminous efficiency up to 102 lm/W.
    • Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal.
    • LED rated life 60000 h (L80/B10).
    • Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).
    • As aesthetically sophisticated general lighting (corridors, hotels, shops, private areas) or accentuated lighting.
    LESS IS MORE® 27
    • LED luminaire with slim design.
    • LED rated life 60000 h (L80/B10).
    • Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).
    • Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal, microprismatic or high polish aluminium micro-grid.
    • Version with micro-grid is suitable for office areas (UGR ≤19) and environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1.
    • As aesthetically sophisticated general lighting (corridors, office and conference rooms, shops) or accentuated lighting.
    LESS IS MORE® 50
    • With integrated converter.
    • Replaceable LED unit.
    • LED rated life 50000 h (L80/B10).
    • Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal or Alea Optical system.
    • Narrow beam version.
    • Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).
    • As aesthetically sophisticated general lighting (corridors, hotel, office and conference rooms, shops, private areas).
    LESS IS MORE® 50 Wall luminaires
    • For sophisticated aesthetic general lighting in hotels, corridors, office and conference rooms, shops or private areas.
    • Direct or direct/indirect light emission.
    • LED unit with integrated converter interchangeable and removable.
    • Suitable for through-wiring.
    • LED rated life 70000 h (L80/B10).