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Although sensitivity is desirable and can even be appealing in certain situations, when it comes to using high-end recessed LED downlights for a mundane task like lighting an environment full of hectic activity, pronounced sensitivity in a lighting installation can be a drawback. In such cases, it’s best to use a lighting solution featuring an impact-proof cover and IP 65 rating that can protect the lighting against dust, dirt, water jets and the like. But there’s no reason why such practical solutions should come at the cost of aesthetics.

LEDONA ECO seems literally attractive for all those who want to cut down on expenses but do not want to lower their demands in terms of versatility, robustness and efficiency. The pleasingly sleek, almost delicate, passively cooled LED downlight is tougher than it seems at first glance. Being outfitted with replaceable mains voltage LEDs, these luminaires can be operated without converters. Thanks to the IP 65 rating and its impact-proof cover the LEDONA ECO luminaire is particularly suitable for settings where robust and safe lighting is required or mandatory. The above mentioned cover is made of opal plastic that reduces glare. Cooling element, bezel ring and frame are made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium. Two different light colours, two luminous flow options, and two different shapes and sizes are available. Efficiency is provided by the tool-free installation system and by LEDONA ECO’s 35 percent energy savings compared to downlights that are outfitted with conventional bulbs. The LEDONA luminaire is also available as a "premium version".


    • Recessed LED downlight to fulfill highest demands.
    • IP 65 rating also for the intermediate ceiling; this in turn means optimum protection against dust or moisture.
    • Ball impact proof in accordance with DIN 18032-03.
    • With Gore™ Protective Vents diaphragm valve to avoid condensation.
    • Qualified for use in the food and drink industry.
    • Shockproof cover made of plastic (opal).
    • Exchangeable mains voltage LED.
    • Colour rendering index Ra 83.
    • LED rated life 50000 h (L70/B30).
    • Colour tolerance within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM).
    • Direct connection to 220-240 V AC, i.e. no converter needed.
    • Dimmable with standard trailing or leading edge dimmers.
    • Round ceiling cut-out also with square types.
    • Easy to install thanks to tool-free spring fastening system.
    • Suitable for through-wiring with separately available accessories.
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Beam angle Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H)
901455.002.1 901455.002.1 L 220, B 220, H 3, HEL 111 LED 840 30 W 2400 lm 110° 27,8
901455.002 901455.002 L 220, B 220, H 3, HEL 111 LED 830 30 W 2200 lm 110° 27,5
901438.002.1 901438.002.1 L 170, B 170, H 3, HEL 92 LED 840 20 W 1600 lm 109° 28,2
901438.002 901438.002 L 170, B 170, H 3, HEL 92 LED 830 20 W 1500 lm 109° 28
901437.002.1 901437.002.1 L 170, B 170, H 3, HEL 92 LED 840 10 W 780 lm 108° 27,8
901437.002 901437.002 L 170, B 170, H 3, HEL 92 LED 830 10 W 740 lm 108° 25,5
901435.002.1 901435.002.1 L 130, B 130, H 3, HEL 82 LED 840 10 W 690 lm 108° 27,4
901435.002 901435.002 L 130, B 130, H 3, HEL 82 LED 830 10 W 660 lm 108° 25,1

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