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Narrow beam, brilliant luminous effect, very high efficiency with optimum glare limitation: SONIS is a contemporary, efficient surface luminaire for fluorescent lamps, which was primarily developed for office applications. It ensures work at the VDU under ideal light conditions, thus often increasing work motivation and enhancing the atmosphere at the workplace, so it’s no wonder that this luminaire impresses with regard to its capacity for teamwork.

Equipped with an application-specific high-quality parabolic mirror, our SONIS luminaires can be used for just about any type of commercial indoor lighting, particularly in offices. But it is not only its flat, reduced design which flatters the eye of the beholder. The modern luminaire for fluorescent lamps is also an excellent choice with regard to light technology for DIN-compliant application at VDU workplaces and for applications with glare limitation: It decreases reflected glare on screen and surfaces, ensures a balanced illumination level and supports fatigue-proof viewing. Users are motivated by a lasting gain of light and room quality, which supports more comfortable and efficient working in every regard. SONIS is available with highly efficient LED lamp or with proven T5 technology and comes as ceiling and pendant luminaire or as recessed luminaire in two module dimensions (600/625 mm).


  • High-quality luminaire for fluorescent lamps/recessed ceiling luminaire for office application
  • Application-specific louvre design with glossy parabolic mirror - ideal for VDU workplaces with:
    * Narrow beam, brilliant luminous effect
    * Very high efficiency
    * Optimum glare limitation
  • Optionally with highly efficient LED lamp (UGR 13.4) or T5 technology (UGR 16.1)
  • LED service life 50,000 hours (L80/B10), Lamp included in scope of delivery
  • Ceiling and pendant luminaire or recessed luminaire for two module sizes to choose from (600/625 mm)
  • High design standard due to reduced, flat design
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux UGR (4H 8H)
901584.002.76 901584.002.76 L 1484, B 155, H 62 LED 830 44 W 5500 lm 26,1
901584.002.1.76 901584.002.1.76 L 1484, B 155, H 62 LED 840 44 W 5750 lm 26,3
901584.002.1 901584.002.1 L 1484, B 155, H 62 LED 840 44 W 5750 lm 26,3
901584.002 901584.002 L 1484, B 155, H 62 LED 830 44 W 5500 lm 26,1

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