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It’s often been said that design is the visualization of product quality – an adage that is clearly borne out by a merely cursory glance at our SIDELITE luminaire. And although we currently haven’t got a clue concerning this luminaire’s advanced lateral LED light injection or its exceptional anti-glare properties, we are already witness to path-breaking technology and craftsmanship.

Thanks to the lateral light injections these luminaires offer up to 93 lumens per watt luminous efficacy. Compared to luminaires that are fitted with conventional lamps, up to 60 percent energy savings can be achieved with SIDELIGHT luminaires; when used in conjunction with RZB’s light control+3 light management system, even up to as much as 90 percent. The diffuser, which is available as a quad and square variant, is clad in an elegant cool anodized aluminium profile, and can be made in opal or microprismatic/opal PMMA, which is suitable for computer workstations in accordance with EN 12464-1.

Integrated control gears underscore the fitting’s minimalist design.

What’s more, it also features an attractive price/performance ratio.



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    • Aesthetically pleasing low profile luminaires that integrate advanced LED technology
    • RZB SIDELITE® technology: lateral light injection for extremely homogeneous light distribution
    • Lightguide and plastic diffuser made of non-yellowing PMMA
    • Ideal for office areas (UGR ≤ 19) and environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1
    • Very easy installation thanks to plug & play connection
    • LED rated life 50,000 h (L70/B10)
    • Colour consistency within 3-steps MacAdam (3 SDCM)
    • Versions with Casambi smart+free Bluetooth® control for wireless network and operation using Android / iOS devices, free app available for download
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power 1-4 Rated luminous flux 1-4 Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H) 1-4
312269.004.76 312269.004.76 L 1198, B 298, H 49 LED 830 33 W 3950 lm 18,2
312269.004.2.730 312269.004.2.730 L 1198, B 298, H 49 LED 827-865 28 W 3350 lm 17,6
312269.004.1.76 312269.004.1.76 L 1198, B 298, H 49 LED 840 33 W 4100 lm 18,5
312269.004.1 312269.004.1 L 1198, B 298, H 49 LED 840 33 W 4100 lm 18,5
312269.004 312269.004 L 1198, B 298, H 49 LED 830 33 W 3950 lm 18,2

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