slim & space-age

Public space – endless expanses: in large events halls, office buildings, educational institutions or reception areas, versatile luminaires are required. They need to provide lighting that complements the dynamics of the space while offering scope for a creative and original lighting design, and their shape needs to be both elegant and discreet. This demanding list of requirements is met by the HEMIS ceiling luminaire, firstly with special lens technology. Purpose-made optics create a diffuse, glare-free light distribution (UGR < 22). Two colour temperatures – 3000 K and 4000 K – and a colour rendition of CRI > 80 ensure the very best light quality. These configuration options place lighting planners in the happy position of being able to create visual attention grabbers to underline an area’s distinctive character. A trick of the eye: the edge of the casing projects beyond the light source to give HEMIS a futuristic “floating” appearance. This optical illusion is created by the luminaire's streamlined “Slim & Space-Age” design and brings a spontaneous smile to the faces of many of those who see it. Its appeal lies in its ultra-compact, super-slim shape. With a sensationally small total height of less than 33 mm, HEMIS adds a discreetly progressive quality to the design of any room while doing its job there with the utmost reliability. Highly efficient LEDs with a rated life of at least 50,000 hours (L70, B10) deliver an excellent performance with up to 125 Im/watt while achieving energy savings of up to 70%. HEMIS is available in either a round or a square design and in three different sizes. The casing and mounting plate fasten together via a bayonet fitting, and the fixture’s plug-and-play plug connection makes it easy to put into operation.


    • Glare-free LED ceiling luminaire with optical lens system.
    • Compact slim design, total height less than 33 mm.
    • Easy installation with Plug & Play plug connection.
    • Big terminal block; ideal for through-wiring.
    • Sealing strip on the back of the luminaire connects seamlessly with the ceiling.
    • Thanks to UGR < 22 ideal for corridors, stairways, shops, schools, meeting rooms, rest areas.
    • Up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional configurations.
    • Efficiency up to 125 lm/W.
    • LED rated life 40000 h (L80/B10).
    • Colour rendering index Ra > 80.
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H)
312189.002.1 312189.002.1 L 400, B 400, H 33 LED 840 25 W 3100 lm 19,8
312189.002 312189.002 L 400, B 400, H 33 LED 830 25 W 2700 lm 19
312188.002.1 312188.002.1 L 300, B 300, H 33 LED 840 15 W 1900 lm 19,5
312188.002 312188.002 L 300, B 300, H 33 LED 830 15 W 1700 lm 19,4
312187.002.1 312187.002.1 L 250, B 250, H 33 LED 840 12 W 1600 lm 19,9
312187.002 312187.002 L 250, B 250, H 33 LED 830 12 W 1400 lm 19,2

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