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Damp-proof luminaires

Even more energy efficient, even more durable and even smarter: After the latest technical relaunch, PLANOX Eco is once again justifiably being referred to as the “most innovative moisture-proof luminaire of its kind”. The best of all the clever improvements now is undoubtedly the MultiLumen version – the combination of two wattage levels in one single luminaire: there could hardly be a more appropriate and more efficient solution. The change between the two wattage levels is made with a toggle switch in the connecting terminal.
The main feature of the PLANOX Eco continues to be its strikingly slim, flat housing providing impressively homogeneous illumination in 320°. Cable entry via a cable gland at both ends makes the luminaire extremely easy to handle, as do the sliding stainless steel brackets, which allow existing drill holes to be used again. As a result, it really does not take much time at all to install these luminaires, may it be in a new build or change from “old to new”.



    • MultiLumen: 2 steps adjustable luminous flux (high lumen output equivalent to 2-lamp version; low lumen output equivalent to 1-lamp version).
    • Operating range: -30°C to +45°C.
    • Operating range with movement sensor: -20°C to +45°C.
    • Luminaires with limited surface temperature in accordance with DIN EN 60598-2-24 for use in environments in which a deposit of conductive dust on the luminaire can be expected..
    • LED rated life 50,000 h (L80/B10).
    • Housing and end caps made of shockproof polycarbonate (PC).
    • The UV-resistant diffuser with inner prisms guarantees uniform light output.
    • Indirect light to illuminate the ceiling.
    • Flexible installation through sliding mounting brackets. Ideal for luminaire replacement.
    • Cable installation on both sides through turn lock fastener.
    • Versions with integrated movement sensor. Master/slave circuit possible..
    • Through-wiring as standard for further luminaires.
    • Suitable for use in the food and drink industry.
    • Versions with infrared movement sensor, adjustable time delay of 10 s to 20 min and ambient brightness of 1 to 50 lux.
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H)
451219.009 451219.009 L 1669, B 61, H 50 LED 840 33/54 W 4700/6800 lm 24,9 / 26,2
451218.009 451218.009 L 1369, B 61, H 50 LED 840 22/37 W 3050/4950 lm 24,2 / 25,9
451213.009 451213.009 L 1669, B 61, H 50 LED 840 33 W 4100 lm 24,0
451211.009 451211.009 L 1369, B 61, H 50 LED 840 23 W 2800 lm 23,5
451210.009 451210.009 L 769, B 61, H 50 LED 840 17 W 2100 lm 25,6

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