Less is more flex



The LESS IS MORE FLEX range, a system reduced to the essentials, the name says it all.

Although it follows the minimalistic design idea that „less is more“, it offers maximum variety and unparalleled flexibility thanks to its wide range of individually configurable parts.

The LESS IS MORE FLEX system, made in EU, comprises an enormous portfolio from which practically any lighting idea in a wide variety of applications can easily be implemented absolutely cost-effectively – whether it is stylish illumination in the private sector or a commercial product presentation in a shop.

Within the LESS IS MORE FLEX series, you can choose from 30 different LED strips, different aluminium profiles, plastic diffusers and various accessories. Thanks to this modular principle it is possible to design perfectly tailored luminaires for individual application


  • LED system in slim design:
    • Luminous efficiency up to 132 lm/W
    • LED modules available in 3 different lumen packages
      (max. 370 lm/m, max. 1210 lm/m, max. 1950 lm/m)
    • LED modules in 4 different lumen packages
      (830, 840, Tunable White (TW) 827-865, RGB)
  • Extremely slim LED strip with a width of 8 mm only
  • Beam angle 120° (LED)
  • Very easy installation thanks to plug & play connection
  • Heat conductive double-sided adhesive tape
  • Easily separable with commercially available tools
  • Different aluminium profiles and plastic diffusers are available for various applications
Order Number Type of accessories Description 1 Description 2
982210.000 982210.000 Installation accessories D 11, LP 2000 Pendant profile 18
982209.000 982209.000 Installation accessories L 129, B 20, H 8 Recessed profile 65
982208.000 982208.000 Installation accessories L 24, B 10, H 7 Surface profile 23
982207.000 982207.000 Installation accessories L 20, B 10, H 9 Recessed, surface and corner profile 18
982206.000 982206.000 Installation accessories D 30, H 32 Surface profile 23
982205.000 982205.000 Installation accessories L 10, B 16, H 14 Surface profile 23
982203.000 982203.000 Installation accessories L 50, B 6, H 4 Pendant profile 18, recessed profile 65

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