Ralite Highbay II


The potential pendant

This pendant projector is not to be mistaken for a mere potential carrier capable of development, but to be regarded as a highly developed provider of potential. Produced from top-grade materials, fitted with replaceable COB LEDs and equipped with a luminous efficiency of up to 128 lumen per watt, it comes as no surprise that it is labelled as

“state of the art”.

A high watt pendant! With 154 watt maximum capacity per luminaire top, the completely redesigned pendant projector Ralite® Highbay II can replace all existing systems with high pressure discharge lamps.


Its high-performance COB LED using a plug connection system forms the basis for this performance and saving potential. The different versions (1 to 3 lamps) and service packages of the pendant projector enable spot-on and safe light planning; the assembly without tools and convenient single-point suspension also render installation very simple.

The top quality and replaceable components are stringently designed for sturdiness and durability. Ralite’s® luminaire body is eye-catching and passively cooling at the same time: The markedly prominent cooling ribs are vertically oriented on purpose, which prevents deposits of dust and dirt and ensures constant heat dissipation during the entire service life.

Ralite® Highbay II HT (High Temperature) has been designed for application in high ambient temperatures of up to +60°C and extreme environmental conditions. Because of its special design this luminaire offers a sophisticated solution for environments with extensive dust and dirt.


  • Highly developed COB LED for maximum performance per luminaire top
  • Individual components and LEDs are replaceable
  • Luminous efficiency of up to 128 lm/W
  • 1:1 replacement for HME/HSE/HIE lamps
  • Operating range LED and driver up to -40 °C
  • Total service life: approx. 50,000 h (L80 B10)
  • Up to 72% energy savings compared with conventional lamps
  • Round MIRO-SILVER® reflector with 97% total light reflection
  • Cooling element: Vertical cooling ribs prevent deposits of dust and dirt and ensure constant heat dissipation
  • 1 and 3 lamp versions with different service packages – for accurate and safe light planning
  • Ra ≥ 80
  • Protection type IP 66
  • Assembly without tools and practical single-point suspension
  • DALI design as standard
  • Superior design, for different applications from factory workshop to foyer
  • Non-reflecting, single-pane safety glass with extremely low transmission losses (about 2%)
  • Luminaires have a limited surface temperature and are suitable for premises where dust or fibres can create a fire risk
  • Ball impact proof in accordance with DIN 18032-03
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Beam Angle
921465.003.76 921465.003.76 D 150, H 829 LED 840 154 W 16500 lm 49°
921463.003.76 921463.003.76 D 150, H 829 LED 840 97 W 12000 lm 49°
921462.003.76 921462.003.76 D 150, H 829 LED 840 78 W 10000 lm 49°

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