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Overawed by the tough industrial design and literally great presence, you might miss something even bigger when you first look at LIGHT CASE. So let's say it right now: Here we see one of the most advanced indoor highbay luminaires of its kind.

This is primarily due to the individual LED modules of this Hercules of lighting technology that can be adjusted in 30 degree steps. Two, three, four or six of the modules that can be swivelled by up to 180 degrees are fitted in the compact die-cast aluminium housing. The output can thus be flexibly configured and combined, depending on the lighting application. The polycarbonate lens optics allow different beam angles and thus additionally increase flexibility.

Whether high-bay warehouse, production hall, airport lobby or retail halls: The enormous luminous intensity is designed for high ceilings - we are talking about up to 32 metres here. “Self-cleaning" cooling fins and the clear separation of LED unit and driver ensure optimum thermal management at all times.

We take outstanding energy efficiency for granted with LIGHT CASE. The same goes for the attributes that make it an "industrial all-rounder", such as uncompromising robustness, thermal resilience and insensitivity to moisture. But also the virtually tool-free installation and maintenance-free operation thanks to the long LED service life.

LIGHT CASE is manufactured from A to Z in the Bamberg plant, which allows customer-specific adaptations down to the last detail.



    • Compact and flat Highbay.
    • 1:1 substitute for HME / HIE and HSE lamps.
    • Operating range: -30°C to +55°C.
    • Highly efficient up to 159 lm/W.
    • Luminaires with limited surface temperature in accordance with DIN EN 60598-2-24 for use in environments in which a deposit of conductive dust on the luminaire can be expected.
    • LED module can be swivelled ± 30°.
    • LED module can be rotated through 180° for indirect light.
    • DALI dimmable converter as standard.
    • LED rated life 50000 h (LCLO), CLO control for constant light output over the entire service life.
    • DALI converter is compatible with DC, suitable for central battery system.
    • Version with tempered glass for demanding environmental conditions.
    • Version with integrated movement sensor and light sensor for daylight detection.
    • Accessories for direct ceiling installation, cable and chain pendant mounting available.
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Beam angle
921694.004.76 921694.004.76 L 680, B 397, H 110 LED 840 225 W 35600 lm 80°/81°
921694.002.76 921694.002.76 L 680, B 397, H 110 LED 840 225 W 35600 lm 80°/81°

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