Sidelite ECO Stehleuchte

SIDELITE ECO® floor luminaire

Premium design and lighting technology

If you are looking for an office luminaire for single and double workplaces with an extremely good

price-performance ratio, the Eco floor luminaire by RZB is exactly the right

product for you, for despite the budget-oriented price class, both the design and

the integrated lighting technology are top-class.


The flat, sturdy base plate made of steel ensures a high level of stability and allows a

space-saving position directly right next to the office furniture. The base and the flat luminaire head

made of powder-coated, white aluminium go perfectly with each other and

create a harmonious overall picture.


The switch is integrated ergonomically in the luminaire column and allows easy operation, bathing the surroundings simultaneously in direct and indirect light. The

direct light component is emitted through a micro-prismatic plastic diffuser. This creates a

screen-compliant working light. The indirect light is radiated through a transparent plastic diffuser, which creates gentle, homogeneous light and protects the integrated LEDs from dirt accumulation.


    • LED free-standing luminaires for single and double workplaces.
    • Versions with intelligent presence control and brightness sensors.
    • Ideal for office areas (UGR ≤ 19) and environments with computer screens in accordance with EN 12464-1.
    • Flat luminaire head.
    • With integrated converter.
    • Direct and indirect light output.
    • LED rated life 40000 h (L80/B10).
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Light distribution
312398.0045.1.19 312398.0045.1.19 L 750, B 350, H 2000 LED 840 93 W 9900 lm asymmetric
312398.0045.1 312398.0045.1 L 750, B 350, H 2000 LED 840 93 W 9900 lm asymmetric
312398.002.1.19 312398.002.1.19 L 750, B 350, H 2000 LED 840 93 W 9900 lm asymmetric
312398.002.1 312398.002.1 L 750, B 350, H 2000 LED 840 93 W 9900 lm asymmetric

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