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The mega series of unmatched diversity

It takes a beam of light a mere 1.3 seconds to travel from the Earth to the Moon. How can such a powerful phenomenon be controlled and shaped? How can its myriad facets be rendered perceptible? With a series of lights that largely eliminates existing design boundaries.. Such a luminaire – a veritable celebration of quality and efficiency – is unmatched when it comes to model variety and versatility.

With its eight series and myriad variants, sizes, and specialized designs our FLAT system is one of the most extensive luminaire series on the market today. Coloured-light versions and decorative rings, which can even be coated with RAL colours, also allow for extensive individualisation. The base of the wall and ceiling luminaires is constructed of powder-coated metal, and the diffuser is attached using a patented snap closure. The LED version provides exceptionally abundant light, while the high-frequency sensor in the movement sensor model obviates the need for a separate movement detector or light switch.


    • A mega series of unmatched versatility
    • Available as ceiling, wall or pendant luminaire
    • High protection type versions allow for outdoor applications; since it is proof against dust and flies, this luminaire is ideal for hard-to-access installations
    • The luminaire body is available in either high quality polycarbonate or acrylic plastic (PMMA)
    • Available with LED technology and movement sensor (integrated high frequency sensor)
    • Patented fastening system for opening the luminaire(s) without tools
    • Myriad customised solutions are available
    • Thanks to its low installation and maintenance costs this luminaire can also be used for "light ceilings"
Order Number Dimensions Lamp Light colour System power Rated luminous flux Glare evaluation UGR (4H 8H)
311694.002.76 311694.002.76 D 1040, H 230 LED 830 100 W 9450 lm 19,2
311694.002.3.76 311694.002.3.76 D 1040, H 230 LED 840 100 W 10900 lm 19,8
311694.002.3 311694.002.3 D 1040, H 230 LED 840 100 W 10900 lm 19,8
311694.002.2.76 311694.002.2.76 D 1040, H 230 LED 830 100 W 10000 lm 19,5
311694.002.2 311694.002.2 D 1040, H 230 LED 830 100 W 10000 lm 19,5
311694.002.1.76 311694.002.1.76 D 1040, H 230 LED 840 100 W 10300 lm 19,5
311694.002.1 311694.002.1 D 1040, H 230 LED 840 100 W 10300 lm 19,5

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