Uncomplicated street workers.

The Gonia and Laruta ranges of LED street lights shed a whole new light on streets, footpaths, car parks and parks. The design of the Gonia is reminiscent of gas lamps and its classic linear design ensures it fits in beautifully with small-scale environments. Laruta, on the other hand, is suitable for use in modern architecture with its strictly straight line design.

Thanks to their high IP65 protection rating, both street workers offer lasting protection against dirt and are therefore able to do their job without requiring any maintenance. When the long service life of the integrated light sources has come to an end, maintenance is fast thanks to standard lighting inserts with bayonet lock and plug connectors. Both ranges benefit from a shared technology platform, making installation and logistics very straightforward. The "Plug & Play" concept with pre-assembled connecting cable keeps transport volumes to a minimum – and installation is practically child's play. To allow the orientation of the arms to be changed according to architectural aspects, the light insert can be rotated 90 degrees. The uncomplicated pole top luminaires are for universal use. Three light distributions are available optimised for either P classes, M classes or area flood lighting. A choice of light colours and light outputs makes the street lights suitable for lighting private paths as well as for public street lighting for busy streets. Diverse customer specific light management requirements can also be satisfied. If required, both street workers are available in marine grade quality for coastal areas so that they can do a good job here too.


    • Comprehensive selection of light distributions and luminous flux enables universal application range starting with private pathways to main roads with public lighting.
    • Dark Sky: Protects insects and the environment thanks to needs-based light distribution without light emitted in the upper hemisphere, thus avoiding light pollution.
    • Smart lighting: Versions with either 1 or 2 Zhaga Book 18 / NEMA sockets available for the integration of components for light management systems or sensors.
    • Standard DALI design.
    • Standard with CLO.
    • Different dim options are possible on request.
    • Plug & play design with pre-assembled connecting cable for easy installation and small transport volume.
    • Quick maintenance due to plug & play standard lighting inserts.
    • Seawater resistant coating.
    • DALI converter is compatible with DC, suitable for central battery system.

Pole luminaires