Powerbox 15

Powerbox 15


The Powerbox 15 is an emergency power supply unit, which uses the single battery principle in accordance with DIN EN 60598

In the event of a mains failure, the Powerbox 15 is in a position to supply a maximum of 2 luminaires with a voltage of 210 V DC and a total wattage of up to 12 W for up to 3 hrs. Luminaires with higher wattage may be supplied with power if their total wattage is reduced to 12 W by means of suitable dimmable ballasts (digital or analogue with 1-10 V control input) with a connected voltage of 210 V DC (emergency operation). The connected luminaires can be operated optionally in maintained or non-maintained power mode.

The high output voltage makes it possible to supply the luminaires from a distance of up to 500 metres. The Powerbox 15 emergency power supply unit can thus be installed in a location that allows easy, trouble-free maintenance. With bus connection for MultiDigit monitoring systems for passing on a group malfunction for the Powerbox 15.

Technical data:
Mains power: 230 V; 50 Hz
Output voltage: 230 V AC (mains operation), 210 V DC (battery operation)
Permissible ambient temperature: +5 to +35 °C

(B)RIGHT POINTS Powerbox 15

    • Up to 500 metres cable length between the Powerbox 15 and the luminaire
    • Two luminaires can be connected to one device
    • Self test as standard
    • - Ideally suited for supplying power to emergency luminaires in areas with high or low ambient temperatures
    • Battery included
Order Number Description 2 Max. total wattage for 1 hour Max. total wattage for 3 hours Max. total wattage for 8 hours
672232.009.04 672232.009.04 Powerbox 15, MultiDigit 15 12
672232.009 672232.009 Powerbox 15, self-test 15 12

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