Überwachungssystem für bis zu 125 Einzelbatterie-Leuchten

With the MWEBplus system, it is possible to constantly monitor single-battery safety luminaires from a central location. The emergency luminaires report their current status via LAN network to a PC with a web browser, which takes over the evaluation and control of the entire system. 125 self-contained emergency luminaires can be installed according to the general circuit diagram indicated below. Using signal amplifiers, the MWEBplus can be extended to create a MultiDigitplus system for monitoring up to 7875 luminaires. Up to 63 signal amplifiers can be used. The bus line does not need to comply with any particular requirements; its structure can be T-shaped, star-shaped, linear or even mixed. Bus line polarity needs not to be considered.

The address of the signal amplifier for the safety luminaires is stored in a microcontroller and must therefore be provided when the system is ordered. Operation in connection with briefing of operating staff by an RZB employee is available at a cost.

If you have any technical queries or you require support for your planning, please contact your sales office.

Monitoring system for RZB self-contained luminaires with .04 coding


    • Automatic system configuration
    • Plain-text reports of all malfunctions, with indication of failure location
    • Coordination of self-test activation of all self-contained emergency luminaires
    • Error message logs
    • Detailed information and control options for each single emergency luminaire
    • Maximum length of the bus line 1000 metres
    • Bus line structure can be T-shaped, star-shaped, linear or even mixed. Polarity needs not to be considered.
    • Ongoing system error logs
    • Automatic generation of detailed system test log
    • Max. 125 luminaires
    • Execution of all mandatory emergency lighting system controls at minimum costs
    • Password protection for system data changes
Order Number Description 2 Max. number of Luminaires (fully expanded system)
671823.000 671823.000 MWEBplus monitoring system 125

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Self-contained luminaire monitoring system