MultiDigit S63


Überwachungssystem für bis zu 63 Einzelbatterie-Leuchten

The MultiDigit S63 is a component of the MultiDigit emergency lighting system, which is employed for emergency luminaires monitoring. Each system can monitor up to 63 emergency luminaires. Pro System up to 63 emergency luminaires can be monitored. The MultiDigit S63 can be linked to a module for collective alarm transmission to a building control system.

The MultiDigit S63 is supplied with a universal adaptor for DIN track systems, which allows for easy attachment of the MultiDigit® S63 to the mounting track. This allows the housing to be simply snapped onto the mounting rail. Terminal blocks are available for connecting the MultiDigit S63 to the communication cable. Plug terminals, which allow for connection of wires and cables ranging from 0.6 mm² to 1.0 mm², for connecting the MultiDigit S63 to the communication line are included.

The MultiDigit S63 is connected to a PC via a USB interface. A PC software allows for entering the connected emergency elements in the configuration. Later on this link is necessary for individual luminaire status control; it is, however, not required for collective error messages.

Monitoring system for RZB self-contained luminaires with .04 coding

Supply voltage: 230 V / 50/60 Hz
Alarm delay: 10 seconds
Type of installation: DIN profile track
Max. BUS cable length: 1,000 m
Max. number of luminaires that can be monitored: 63
Potential-free contact: 230 V AC / 5 A, 24 V DC / 5 A


    • Continuous central local monitoring of all emergency luminaires
    • Simple and clear system structure
    • Automatic function tests
    • Easy log book keeping
    • Easy to install
    • Execution of all mandatory controls at minimum costs
    • Collective error display on the monitoring unit
    • Detailed error readout via USB
    • Up to 63 luminaires can be monitored
    • Max. bus cable length: 1,000 m
Order Number Description 2 Max. number of Luminaires (fully expanded system)
981796.000 981796.000 MultiDigit S63 monitoring module 63

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Self-contained luminaire monitoring system