Multidigit Plus


Monitoring system for up to 7875 single-battery luminaires

With the MULTIDIGITplus system, it is possible

to permanently monitor single-battery safety luminaires from a central

location. Through a LAN network, the safety luminaires report their

current status to a PC with a web browser, which

then evaluates and controls the entire system. The system status

can thus be viewed clearly and immediately, allowing statements

to be made at any time about the operational readiness

of the emergency lighting system. No special software

is needed to operate the system. The system is incredibly

easy to set up. 125 single-battery safety luminaires can

be installed in line with the general circuit diagram shown below.

With the help of signal amplifiers, the MULTIDIGITplus system can be

extended to monitor up to 7500 luminaires. In this case,

up to 60 signal amplifiers can be used. The communication line

does not have to meet any particular requirements; its

structure can be T-shaped, star-shaped, linear

or mixed. The polarity of the bus line is not



    • Plain-text reports of all malfunctions, with indication of failure location
    • Error message logs
    • Detailed information and control options for each single emergency luminaire
    • Max. communication line length: 2 x 1,000 metres
    • Bus line structure can be T-shaped, star-shaped, linear or even mixed. Polarity needs not to be considered.
    • Ongoing system error logs
    • Automatic generation of detailed system test log
    • Can be extended to up to 7875 luminaires using an optional signal amplifier
    • Execution of all mandatory emergency lighting system controls at minimum costs
    • Password protection for system data changes
    • The MultiDigitplus module can be queried by any intranet/internet compatible PC that is connected to the network via web navigator. To do this, no special software is required. In this process the data stored in MultiDigitplusare sent to the navigator via network, using the TCP-IP protocol. Any system failure will be immediately displayed in the navigation window. The integrated email function allows for sending a detailed error report to the system administrator. The network can be configured in such a way that the system can be addressed via internet.
Order Number Description 2 Max. number of Luminaires (fully expanded system)
981935.000 981935.000 MultiDigit plus monitoring module 7,875

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Self-contained luminaire monitoring system