Signcube shows the way from various directions

As a surface-mounted ceiling luminaire to mark escape routes, Signcube has a clear task to perform as part of an emergency lighting concept: when escape routes cross over from various directions, Signcube needs to show the right way from three directions at the most.


Signcube meets this requirement thanks to its square design. With viewing distances of up to 30 m and powerful LED technology, the emergency luminaire is sure to be seen in time in critical situations.


A maximum of three escape route symbols ensure the route is clearly marked. The luminaire housing is made of shock-resistant polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and tested according to the requirements of the IK03 impact protection class. The luminaires are available in two versions - Mini and Midi.


The Signcube can be installed with a choice of tube, cable or chain suspension. The luminaires come with automatic self-test function as standard. The connection of self-contained emergency luminaires to a MultiDigit-monitoring system is optionally possible for a range of control, monitoring and test functions. Alternatively, however, also DALI (emergency lighting) can be used.


If the Signcube is powered by a RZB central battery unit, an additional module for single luminaire monitoring is available. Signcube meets the requirements of protection classes IP40 (Midi) and IP20 (Mini), as well as protection class I.



    • Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal.
    • 4 legends for escape route identification included.
    • Standard automatic self-test.
    • Easy to install.
    • Top quality LED technology.
    • Ideal for intersection points.
Order Number Dimensions Duration time Viewing Distance Lamp System power Rated luminous flux
672300.002.1.07 672300.002.1.07 L 315, B 315, H 187 3 h 30 m LED
672300.002.1.04 672300.002.1.04 L 315, B 315, H 187 3 h 30 m LED
672300.002.1 672300.002.1 L 315, B 315, H 187 3 h 30 m LED
672299.002.89 672299.002.89 L 315, B 315, H 187 30 m LED 10 W
672299.002 672299.002 L 315, B 315, H 187 30 m LED 9 W

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Luminaires for escape route identification