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The RZB Centryxx D manages two important tasks at once: the LED emergency luminaire can be seen from a long way off on three sides, whilst at the same time illuminating the designated equipment thanks to an additional LED pointing downwards.

The 2-in-1 function makes the Centryxx D from RZB a compact solution for the effective marking and simultaneous illumination of first aid points, fire-fighting equipment, fire detector units and other safety equipment. Its triangular shape and substantial pictograms guarantee visibility from all directions with a viewing distance of 24 m.

The highly effective RZB LED technology in the emergency lighting is complemented by an additional LED with elliptical downwards light output to illuminate the safety equipment below with 5 lux. This ensures that the Centryxx D makes a critical contribution towards fulfilling the DIN EN 1838 standard.

Various standard and, on request, customer-specific pictograms can be mounted flexibly on two sides of the high-quality, shockproof polycarbonate cover. Since these two sides are at 90° to one another, the pictograms can be seen from three directions.

The integrated, automatic self test function guarantees full functionality at all times for the Centryxx D, which is suitable for operation both in maintained and non-maintained power mode. Its high IP 54 protection also makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Various versions of the Centryxx D offer the ideal solution for every requirement. The two single battery versions with a service life of 3 hours can also be fitted with an interface for DALI or MultiDigit. A central power supply version including monitoring module is also available.

The Centryxx D LED emergency luminaire is made in Bamberg. This ensures that RZB can offer the best support and a seamless spare part service – all over a long period of time.



    • For signposting and illuminating of fire fighting equipment and call points and of first aid posts according DIN EN 1838.
    • IP 65 type of protection - dustproof and protected against water jets from all directions.
    • The legend is viewable from three sides.
    • Additional downward emitting LED to illuminate the equipment with min. 5 lx.
    • Impact resistant plastic diffuser is suitable for robust environmental requirements.
    • Qualified for use in the food and drink industry.
    • Individual legends are possible.
Order Number Dimensions Duration time Viewing Distance Lamp System power Rated luminous flux
672165.002.07 672165.002.07 L 199, B 125, H 199 3 h 24 m LED 8 W 100 lm
672165.002.04 672165.002.04 L 199, B 125, H 199 3 h 24 m LED 8 W 100 lm
672165.002 672165.002 L 199, B 125, H 199 3 h 24 m LED 8 W 100 lm
672164.002.89 672164.002.89 L 199, B 125, H 199 24 m LED 8 W 110 lm
672164.002.88 672164.002.88 L 199, B 125, H 199 24 m LED 7.1 W 110 lm
672164.002 672164.002 L 199, B 125, H 199 24 m LED 8 W 110 lm

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