Luxifair Quattro

RZB Luxifair Quattro

Low Power Supply (LPS)

The RZB Luxifair Quattro is a Lo Power System (LPS) of the latest generation. It is specially designed to supply up to 80 emergency luminaires within a fire compartment.
In the event of a mains failure, the system supplies the luminaires with a power of up to 350 VA for 1 hour, for 3 hours or also with up to 250 VA for 8 hours. Due to the AC voltage supply of the luminaires in mains and emergency operation, a very wide range of different luminaires can be supplied with the RZB Luxifair Quattro. For clear localisation of the connected luminaires, a location can be stored for each luminaire, which is displayed in the event of a fault.
The system communicates with the luminaires via Powerline Communication. Therefore, no bus lines to the luminaires are required. Monitoring and visualisation via TCP/IP with e-mail transmission in the event of a fault is provided as standard. Switching operations can be triggered via the digital inputs and messages can be forwarded to a higher-level BMS or a message tableau via the potential-free changeover relays.

ADVANTAGES RZB Luxifair Quattro

    • Fully automated, processor-controlled monitoring system.
    • For powers up to 350 VA.
    • Batteries included.
    • Automatic generation of detailed test record.
    • Visualisation and remote control via web browser.
    • Convenient visualisation of up to 32 systems via optional PROvisu software.
    • Free choice of switching type per luminaire.
    • Choice of single-luminaire monitoring in mixed operation mode or circuit monitoring per end circuit.
    • No bus lines to the luminaire necessary due to Powerline communication.
    • Programmable destination for each connected luminaire.
    • 230 V AC at the final circuits in mains and battery operation.
    • Made in Germany.
Order Number Charging current Number of Output Circuits Duration time Max. Output power Max. Output power Max. Switching power Max. Switching power
985866 985866 5 A 4 8 h 250 VA 200 W
985865 985865 5 A 4 3 h 250 VA 200 W
985542 985542 5 A 4 8 h 188 VA 150 W
985541 985541 2.5 A 4 8 h 88 VA 70 W
985536 985536 5 A 4 3 h 350 VA 280 W
985535 985535 2.5 A 4 3 h 225 VA 180 W
985534 985534 2.5 A 4 1 h 350 VA 280 W
985533 985533 2.5 A 4 1 h 250 VA 200 W

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