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Yes, it is different from the rest ... This sentence pertaining to the PLANOX ECO designed by RZB holds truer than ever when it comes to the newly developed PLANOX PRO moisture-proof luminaire. It is, however, much more than just that, with its highly efficient features and innovative housing!

The design is our own. The extrusion housing makes it possible to have a particularly flat, slim shape and to attach freely movable mounting brackets. As a result, obsolete luminaires can be swapped for modern LED technology or even a completely new installation with minimal effort. The cable installation with turn-lock fastener on both sides makes installation easy and convenient. The PLANOX Pro comes with five- or optionally even seven-core through-wiring as standard, including DC capability. Highly efficient LEDs create uniform light. Particularly resistant, high-quality materials make this moisture-proof luminaire exceptionally robust. With their high protection rating and high thermal resistance, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its silicone-free manufacturing process, the PLANOX Pro can be used in a wide range of standard applications as well as in the food- and drink-processing industry.


    • MultiLumen: 2 steps adjustable luminous flux (high lumen output equivalent to 2-lamp version; low lumen output equivalent to 1-lamp version).
    • Operating range: -30°C to +50°C.
    • Operating range DALI versions (.76): -25°C to +50°C.
    • Luminaires with limited surface temperature in accordance with DIN EN 60598-2-24 for use in environments in which a deposit of conductive dust on the luminaire can be expected.
    • LED rated life 50000 h (L80/B10).
    • Housing and end caps made of shockproof polycarbonate.
    • The UV-resistant diffuser with inner prisms guarantees homogenous light distribution.
    • Indirect light to illuminate the ceiling.
    • Flexible installation thanks to sliding mounting brackets. Ideal for luminaire replacement.
    • Cable installation on both sides through turn lock fastener.
    • Through-wiring as standard for further luminaires (on/off: 5 x 1,5 mm2; DALI: 7 x 1,5 mm2).
    • Qualified for use in the food and drink industry.
    • DALI converter is compatible with DC, suitable for central battery system.
Order Number Dimensions Duration time Viewing Distance Lamp System power Rated luminous flux
672320.002 672320.002 L 1650, B 88, H 63 LED 48 W 7,150 lm
672319.002 672319.002 L 1350, B 88, H 63 LED 35 W 5,200 lm
672318.002 672318.002 L 750, B 88, H 63 LED 14 W 2,000 lm

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