Wall luminaires and bollards

The outdoor luminaire series MEGA is proof that having an attractive external appearance doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forego inner values and steadfast reliability!

These wall luminaires and bollards create accurate yet graceful light statements with their slim, well-proportioned design. The MEGA bollards are available in various heights with a wide range of luminaire heads and light distributions for each type to suit different applications and design concepts. The diffusers as required on type and use are either made of glass or impact-resistant plastic.

The inner values of the wall luminaires and bollards of the series MEGA have a lot to offer, too. The LED array effectively saves energy over a long period of time and the highly efficient fibre optics provide for balanced, homogeneous brightness. The clever integral fixing and assembly concept performs more than one function at the same time while an ingenious ventilation system avoids corrosion caused by condensation. The innovative IP65-rated housing concepts of this series do not only reliably protect light source and converter against all weather conditions and theft but they also ensure a long, maintenance-free service life and ultra-rapid installation. Luminaires of the series MEGA are *Made in Germany. Made in Bamberg* and will constantly delight you with bright moments.


    • Made in Germany.
    • The high quality LED optics provide balanced brightness while minimising energy consumption.
    • The innovative housing concept protects light source and driver reliably against all weather conditions.
    • Seawater resistant coating.
    • The flush fitting cover made of corrosion resistant pressure die-cast aluminium fulfills stringent aesthetic and functional requirements.
    • Quick installation: fixing and electrical connetion is done only at the fixing plate, the luminaire is screwlessly plugged on thereafter and held into position via RZB Gravolock® System.
    • The standard large cable inlet allows a simple loop-through without an additional connection box.
    • Integral membrane valve for pressure compensation and avoidance of condensation.
    • The post made of powder coated corrosion resistant aluminium is anchored to the ground with a sturdy stainless steel plate. This innovative assembly concept guarantees a long service life.
    • Luminaires suitable for use in emergency lighting systems in accordance with DIN VDE V 0108-100-1.
Order Number Dimensions Duration time Viewing Distance Lamp System power Rated luminous flux
672551.004.89 672551.004.89 D 115, H 1035 LED 11 W 600 lm
672551.004.1.89 672551.004.1.89 D 115, H 1035 LED 11 W 630 lm
672551.004.1 672551.004.1 D 115, H 1035 LED 10 W 630 lm
672551.004 672551.004 D 115, H 1035 LED 10 W 600 lm
672551.0031.89 672551.0031.89 D 115, H 1035 LED 11 W 600 lm
672551.0031.1.89 672551.0031.1.89 D 115, H 1035 LED 11 W 630 lm
672551.0031.1 672551.0031.1 D 115, H 1035 LED 10 W 630 lm
672551.0031 672551.0031 D 115, H 1035 LED 10 W 600 lm

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