Luxifair KV 2000

RZB Luxifair KV 2000

Central Power Supply (CPS)

The RZB Luxifair KV 2000 is a central supply and monitoring system for emergency lighting. In case of a power outage, the system can supply luminaires up to an output of 2000 W for 1 hour or 800 W for 3 hours and even 350 W for 8 hours. The system is available with up to 20 output circuits, up to 20 luminaires per circuit. A location can be assigned for each luminaire, which is displayed in clear text in case of failure, to ensure clear localisation of the connected luminaires. Powerline communication is used for communication between the system and the luminaires. Bus lines to the luminaires are not necessary. The system can also exchange KNX, BACnet or Modbus data via the optionally available gateways. Monitoring via TCP/IP with e-mail sending in case of failure is also optionally available. Up to 32 systems from the RZB Luxifair series can be monitored together from a central location using the optional PRovisu software. Switching operations can be triggered via the series-standard digital inputs and messages can be forwarded to a superordinate GLT or a message and switchboard via the isolated changeover relay.


    • Fully automated, processor-controlled monitoring system.
    • For powers up to 2,000 W.
    • Simple scalability of the systems due to modular design.
    • Combination cabinet for electronics and batteries.
    • Suitable for stand or wall mounting.
    • RZB Luxifair KV 2000/E30: Prepared for installation in the optionally available E30 housing.
    • Up to 20 final circuits.
    • Automatic generation of detailed test record.
    • Free choice of switching type per luminaire.
    • Choice of single-luminaire monitoring in mixed operation mode or circuit monitoring per end circuit.
    • No bus lines to the luminaire necessary due to Powerline communication.
    • Programmable destination for each connected luminaire.
    • Free programming software for commissioning the system via PC.
    • Visualisation of connected system(s) via TCP/IP (optional).
    • Made in Germany.
Order Number Charging current Number of Output Circuits Duration time Max. Output power Max. Output power Max. Switching power Max. Switching power
985485 985485 2 A 20 2,000 VA 2,000 W
985484 985484 2 A 16 2,000 VA 2,000 W
985483 985483 2 A 12 2,000 VA 2,000 W
985482 985482 2 A 8 2,000 VA 2,000 W
985481 985481 2 A 4 2,000 VA 2,000 W

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