The beautiful simulant

The Econe is a technically sophisticated designer LED lighting fixture that illuminates a large area with light that has a positive biological effect. Econe’s two separate and dynamically regulable chambers allow for simulation of natural light over the course of a day, in a manner that has a demonstrably positive effect on users’ health and sense of well being.

The Econe, an LED lighting fixture that has won numerous design awards, is notable for its streamlined design, its stately up to 1,000 mm running length, and its world class technical and enclosure components.


But the Econe is far more than just a contemporary best-in-class luminaire. For the ingenious interplay between design and technology makes it possible, using dynamically regulated artificial light, to simulate the natural course of daylight using variable blue light fractions.


The Econe’s generously proportioned light aperture reinforces the circadian effect and allows for both direct and indirect emission of the luminaire’s glare-free light. Thanks to the fixture’s lighting frames, it provides superior lighting quality that demonstrably contributes to users’ sense of well being. What’s more, the Econe is incredibly user friendly, in that its lighting intensity (which closely approximates that of natural light) and colour temperature changes are very easy to regulate using the RZB light control+3 lighting management system.



    • Effective LED wide field luminaire for interior use.
    • Ideally suited to health and care facilities, recommended for office, work, common and conference rooms.
    • Plastic light frame available in transparent or white with LED colour light channel (RGB).
    • Diffuser made of non-yellowing plastic (PMMA) opal.
    • Suitable for circadian light gradient:
      Two separate light rooms and the dynamic mixture of the light colours used enable the daylight simulation.
    • Intelligent and simple control (Plug & Play) with light control +3 Professional.
    • Also available as recessed or surface mounted version on demand.