The soul of the light

When the point is reached where nothing else can be dispensed with, we speak in terms of completion – a minimalistic principle from the design and other spheres that is impressively realized in our COROS luminaires, each of whose cubes is a graphic statement that appears to accommodate the soul of the light. The contemporary and versatile quality of these luminaires is attributable to the exceptionally successful combination of matt finishes and crystal edges.

Our COROS luminaires combine high quality and timeless materials to create a visual unity. The luminaire base is constructed of aluminium and has a brushed-steel look. The glass cube is attached to the corpus by means of a spring system. The superb matt crystal elegantly sets off the edges of the luminaire and allows for exceptional light splitting.


    • A wall luminaire with minimalist design for private and public interiors.
    • Uniform light distribution.
    • The fitting and the pressed crystal glass create an impression of unity.
    • Exceptionally pleasant light refraction with the combination of matted areas and transparent edges.