Brilliant outdoor service

If you really want to shine, you need to score points with genuine selling points as well as making a perfect external impression. The CADERO range of wall and ceiling luminaires from RZB really shine and not just because of their high-quality, robust materials. The square CADERO QUADRA and the round DISCA also have impressively strong inner values, such as smart LED modules with high luminous efficiency, impressive ease of installation and low-maintenance operation. Assembly takes place in just three steps: first, the durable base is attached to the wall or ceiling. Subsequent connection is possible without the use of screws. Lastly, the top made of corrosion-resistant, powder-coated aluminium including the glass cover is simply attached – so an extra pair of hands is not required for assembly. Various light colours, the high protection class and additional versions with movement sensors, light-sensitive switches or as emergency luminaires with central battery units make the CADERO product families genuine all-rounders.

Highlights of CADERO


  • Reduced: The flat design provides universal applicability with circular or square glass cover option.
  • Long service life: Seawater resistant coating.
  • Sustainable: Environmentally friendly and resource-saving due to replaceable components.

Lighting planning

  • Protected: The high type of protection IP 66 enables maintenance-free, plain LED operation.
  • Flexible: MultiLumen variants - 4 steps adjustable luminous flux.
  • Functional: MultiColour variants - Colour temperature individually adjustable either 3000 K or 4000 K.
  • Safe: Emergency versions for escape route lighting and central battery system available.


  • Optimum: Drill hole deviations can be compensated to achieve precise positioning.
  • Easy installation: Generous space for displacing cables allows the wall outlet even in the luminaire centre.
  • Ideal: Second cable inlet for loop through.
  • Straightforward: Electrical connection via piano key terminal.
  • Advantageous: Diffuser retained in cover.