Investment in health: Sparkasse Bamberg opts for air disinfection equipment from RZB CARE

Bamberg - The corona pandemic has made many people more aware of the danger of airborne diseases. In addition to many proven measures such as wearing masks, keeping distance and - if possible - regular ventilation, Sparkasse Bamberg uses another effective method to protect all customers and employees: UV-C air disinfection.

MINAK Q: Das schmale Luftentkeimungsgerät ist ideal für den Einsatz in kleineren Beratungsräumen, wie hier in der Sparkassenfiliale am Schönleinsplatz.
MINAK M: Ob interne Meetings oder Termine mit Kunden, mittelgroße Besprechungsräume sind ideal für diesen Luftentkeimer.
MINAK XL: Das Großraumbüro der Sparkasse Bamberg und der MINAK XL sind wie füreinander geschaffen.

In the city and district of Bamberg, consultation rooms, offices and other relevant contact areas in the buildings of Sparkasse Bamberg were equipped with air disinfection devices. In the meantime, around 130 devices of the RZB CARE brand disinfect the room air in the various advice centres. Depending on the size and use of the room, three different types of microorganism inactivators, or MINAKs for short, are in active use.

The initial feedback from customers and employees of Sparkasse Bamberg regarding the air disinfection devices is extremely positive. Many people say they feel safer when there is an air purification device in the room. Admittedly, the basic problem remains: Viruses and bacteria cannot be perceived by any sense, so they are not visible to the naked eye, for example. This also hides how well a room has already been disinfected, so that air disinfection always remains a matter of trust. Scientific tests under real conditions, which were carried out in various scenarios by the HTK Hygiene Technologie Kompetenzzentrum Bamberg, demonstrate that the devices from RZB CARE lead to convincing disinfection.

A very intensive and trusting cooperation between the teams of Sparkasse Bamberg and RZB CARE developed for the virologically sensible equipment of the various premises in the different rooms and areas of Sparkasse Bamberg. The support provided by RZB CARE ranged from advice and precise planning to the installation of the equipment at the individual locations.

RZB CARE is a brand of RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH, newly founded in 2021, which, based on many years of experience in the field of lighting, luminaires and electrical engineering, uses "light" to protect health.

The combination of various scientifically proven measures to protect health represents an important social contribution for Sparkasse Bamberg. In doing so, these measures are an investment in the future, as they not only help in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, but also have an effect in containing other airborne diseases.

Further information about the products and technology of the RZB CARE air disinfection units can be found on the website with integrated webshop at



Images: Linus Lintner I Fotografie I Berlin


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