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Modern, clearly structured and more pictures - the design of our website has been upgraded. Now you will be able to find our comprehensive range of product information much faster - thanks to the new navigation system with tabs.

NEW: Streamlined overview page with tab navigation

Clicking on the large slider pictures on the start pages or on the product tiles in the submenu now
takes you to a streamlined overview page. This is the starting point for your exploration trip through
the diverse world of RZB products. Clear navigation points the way - you will get exactly the kind of
information that you are looking for by clicking on the respective tab.

Which info can be found where?

✓ Product description
✓ List: USPs
✓ Icons of important product features

✓ All available products
✓ The currently selected product has a red frame.
✓ List of all variants of the selected product
Clicking on a listed product will take you as usual to the product page with individual details,
calculation and download options (data sheets, operating instructions, a.s.o.).

✓ Brochure(s)
✓ Video(s) | Tutorial(s)
✓ 3D animation
✓ Product photos and detailed pictures

✓ Large-format pictures of applications and projects

✓ All available related products

Now it is time to stop preaching and start practicing! Enjoy!

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