Technically a continuous line luminaire. Actually a revolution!





Thought through and made new: RZB’s LINEDO represents a true revolution in linear LED lighting. In LINEDO, the mounting channel and continuous line luminaire form a single unit – and consequently a system that requires a lot less time and effort to install.

LED boards specially developed for the minimalistic aluminium extrusion profile; covers and optics precisely matched; through-wiring with up to 14-pole and IP 54 protection rating as standard: all these features make LINEDO outstandingly efficient, future-proof and flexible to use.

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1 Component

I have started a revolution!

Do seperate profiles, LED inserts and end caps cause chaos at your construction site?

It’s time to stop wasting time fiddling and messing around. LINEDO offers you a finished LED continuous line system: unpack it, hang it and get on with your life.

Simply revolutionary: LINEDO modules and the tool-free installation system

-50% installation time

I save time and effort!

LINEDO puts you on the right track

While others are still putting the individual parts together, you have overtaken them as you speed along in the fast lane!

The environmentally-friendly, Styrofoam-free cardboard tube packaging ensures quick access to LINEDO – even in tight working spaces.

The 4.5 m module in combination with only a few necessary suspension points gives you the additional boost for covering long distances.
Save up to 50% installation time!

On your marks, set, go!

One third of the distance with the manlift!

5 items

solve 80% of all tasks

LINEDO offers products for almost any lighting application imaginable.
With LINEDO planning your continuous line system is a child‘s play. Your shopping list is usually only 5 items.

Our LINEDO app, or the configurator on our website will easily select the required items and so will this brochure.

3 steps need to plan!

With the RZB LINEDO 2.0 app, you can easily plan your LINEDO continuous line luminaire on your smartphone or tablet - now even easier and more convenient.

Step 1: Enter room 
Step 2: Select luminaire 
Step 3: Save configuration | Display item list | Send enquiry

In a way, planning done with some kind of „finger tipps“.

Now even more comfortable

✔ Variable: Room dimensions of up to 100x100 metres possible

✔ Easy to use: Archive, edit or delete configurations comfortably

✔ Budget-oriented: Calculation is made with the smallest possible number of units at the best price possible

✔ Functional: Choice between cable and chain suspension

✔ Convenient: All data of the sender are included in the email inquiry - no extra typing is necessary.

✔ Proactive: Thanks to the link between configuration and user future extensions, services or upgrades are feasible at any time.


The configurator for the continuous line luminaire system in your web browser.

Do you prefer working on your PC in the office or in your home office? RZB now also offers you a web version of the convenient LINEDO design app. In addition to room-based planning you can now also create line-based configurations.

The added value for you: You use the new configuration mode "line-based", if all technical parameters are already known, e.g. for the renovation of an old system or for the preparation of a comparative offer. For this purpose you select the desired length and number of continuous lines, enter the lighting parameters and receive the result displayed as a parts list. You may then send your request for a quotation automatically by e-mail to the contact person of your RZB distributor or directly to us.


Try it out right away

I’m infinitely versatile!

Well, actually, it’s great! Thanks to its elegant design and the classy anodised aluminum profile, LINEDO is virtually predestined for applications where a trunk light was previously unimaginable.

Also in museums, offices and hotels the LINEDO continuous line system can be very attractive and useful.

  • Thanks to high uniformity and economical installation, a continuous line system is preferred choice for industrial halls.
  • Warehouses are ideally suited for lighting with continuous line systems: Long, narrow aisles require illumination from often very high points.
  • Especially for presenting merchandise in aisles a continuous line system is the first choice. Single and double asymmetrical LINEDO lighting lines provide uniform illumination of the shelves. Power rails and spotlight modules offer a wide range of possibilities.
  • In group and open-space offices, LINEDO can be used to create attractive and at the same time economic lines of LED lighting – taking into ccount the requirements of computer workstations (BAPs) in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.
  • LINEDO stages the vehicles in the showroom
  • LINEDO as an excellent and safe signpost for traffic routes in airports and railway stations
  • In the hotel LINEDO scores with its flexibility. With energysaving, sensor-controlled continuous line system in the corridors as well as areas with higher lighting standards where visual tasks are more demanding.
  • LINEDO im Museum
    LINEDO illuminates surfaces and thoroughfares in the museum




New: functional modules

LINEDO allows other types of luminaire to be integrated by means of functional modules with surface-mounted spotlights, high-bay spotlights or power track.

Continuous-row lighting is the first choice especially for presenting goods in product aisles. Single and double asymmetrical LINEDO lines provide uniform illumination of shelves.

Track-mounted and spotlight modules offer a variety of options for setting the scene in the fruit and vegetable department and for promotional merchandise.
And: a functional module cannot always be planned exactly where it is needed. LINEDO modules with movable sensors can be moved up to 2.5 m along the profile. 

LINEDO allows other types of luminaire to be integrated by means of functional modules with surface-mounted spotlights, high-bay spotlights or power track.

NEW: LINEDO shaped connectors

Building linear structures with a continuous-line system is as easy as X ... L, T! The LINEDO shaped connectors give you plug-and-play powered connections for the LINEDO luminaire modules the LINEDO way: ultra-easily

New: Modules for Emergency lighting 

New are the function modules for escape route illumination and marking, as well as light and presence sensors. LINEDO offers various options - whether permanently mounted or movable along the profile.



  • Ready-to install, stylish single-component continuous line luminaire system
  • Made in Germany. Made in Bamberg.
  • Ultra-fast installation through Plug & Play modules
  • Over 30% weight-reduced extruded aluminum profile with minimal dimensions
  • High protection type IP 54 as standard
  • 5, 7- or 14-pole through-wiring as standard
  • 7 light distributions and 5 performance levels cover almost any lighting task in industry, shops, offices and public buildings
  • Ideally suited for office environments (UGR ≤ 19 when using certain optics and luminous flux) in compliance with DIN EN 12464-1
  • Low flicker factor (100 Hz) < 1%
  • Luminous efficacy up to 180 lm/W
  • Numerous functional modules, e.g. spotlights, emergency lighting, sensors...
  • Up to 10 years warranty
  • LED rated life 80,000 h (LCLO) CLO controlled - for a constant light output throughout the entire lifetime of the LEDs
  • IoT ready – control and monitoring via DALI-2 Standard (on request)
  • The LINEDO App allows project planning with just a few steps


LINEDO Brochure

Length planning for continuous-line luminaires

10 years warranty

Experience LINEDO 360°


Use your mouse to control the 3D application.

You can control

  • zoom (mouse wheel)
  • turn (keep left mouse button pressed)
  • pan (keep left mouse button pressed)
  • Move (hold down right mouse button)
  • switch on the light (click the light switch)
  • switch off the light again (click the light switch)
  • further buttons show detail functions

Use the buttons at the bottom right of the application to call up additional functions.