System concept and design: hartmut s. engel designstudio

The ubiquity of mobile screens in smartphones, tablets and laptops in today’s world means that glare-free lighting is a requirement that is not just confined to the office. In future, there will be a demand for a pleasant lighting atmosphere restricting direct glare for every environment. At RZB, our guiding principle is to focus on developing the kind of lighting systems that provide glare-free, gentle LED light in outstanding quality through transparent plastic diffusers for universal use. The intention is also to achieve a magical lighting effect with the characteristics of “minimalist form” and “transparent light control”, which make the luminaires suitable for open use in any architectural environment. These stimulating lighting systems are also ideal for supporting the biodynamic daylight rhythm (Human Centric Lighting - HCL). These tuneable white versions are particularly good for users’ emotional well-being.



The talented LED basic system for individual luminaires, sensor technology and continuous line luminaires - 2-point suspension with power supply through transparent cable


Exceptional LED individual luminaire formats, extra flat and exclusive -  4-point suspension with power supply through fine suspension cable

  • 2 point steel cable suspension with transparent power cable,
    height adjustable steplessly between 500 and 1,200 mm. The horizontal is as well steplessly adjustable.

  • Available in two different lengths – dual luminaires and continuous line luminaires can be configured

  • Compact, fitted drivers facilitate a wide range of control, sensor and continuous line options

  • smart+free Bluetooth control or daylight and presence sensor optional

  • Tunable White option available

  • Featuring sophisticated TWINDOT Light Technology

  • 4 point steel cable suspension. Power supply through suspension cable, height adjustable steplessly between 500 and 1,200 mm.

  • Choice of four impressive single luminaire formats

  • Super-flat, minimalistic appearance without any unwelcome cables or drivers

  • smart+free Bluetooth Control as an option

  • Tunable White option available for TWINDOT S Square/Round/Diamond

  • Featuring sophisticated TWINDOT Light Technology


  • Made in Germany
  • Brand new, perfectly glare-free TWINDOT prismatic
  • Even and wide indirect and direct light distribution
  • Pleasantly gentle light with soft shadows
  • smart+free Bluetooth control and daylight and presence sensor optional
  • Tunable white version available



  • Double luminaires and continuous line luminaire can be configured
  • UGR < 19 for office use
  • Luminous efficiency: 130 lm/w
  • Light output 6,500 lm for 1,200 format and 8,100 lm for 1,500 format -
    direct/indirect light emission 55/45
  • CRI 80
  • LED service life 60,000 hours | L100, controlled CLO
    For a constant light output throughout the entire lifetime of the LEDs

TWINDOT  360° - see it in action

360° is not visible? Please click here»



Control the TWINDOT with your mouse

You are able to

  • zoom (mouse wheel)
  • rotate (drag with left mouse button)
  • drag (drag with right mouse button)
  • Click the button for switching on light

Use the buttons at the bottom for more options.