LINEDO Configurator - FAQ

General Information

What can I use the app to calculate?

With our LINEDO app, you can quickly and easily calculate the necessary continuous line luminaires for a room according to your specifications.

What is the maximum configurable room size of the app?

Room based the maximum size is L100m x B100m x H20m. Line baded the maximum length is 120 metres. Would you like to equip a larger room, need emergency lighting or spotlight modules? Please contact our lighting planning department at +49 951 790-375, or click » here.

Were can I buy LINEDO?

LINEDO is sold through electrical wholesalers. Ask your electrician about LINEDO.

Can I also use the app to configure rooms that aren't rectangular?

No. The app is a tool for quickly and easily calculating standard lighting situations. For special requirements, please contact our LINEDO team on +49 951 7909-375, or click » here.

How can I configure LINEDO as a ceiling mounted version?

Setting the light point height equal to the room height affects the app to configure LINEDO as a ceiling mounted system.

Is the LINEDO continuous line luminaire system dimmable?

Yes, in the DALI version.

Where can I use LINEDO?

  • Production areas in factory buildings

  • High-bay warehouses

  • Supermarket aisles and promotional areas

  • Office workstations

  • Moving walkways in airports

  • Hotel corridors

  • Lighting the circulation routes in museums

and much more!


Light technology

What light distribution options are available?

90°, 60°, 30°, single asymmetric, double asymmetric, diffuse through an opal surface and a high opal cover.

Which light distribution options does the app use?

The LINEDO configurator calculates room based with 30°, 60° or 90° depending on the light point height. Here, the beam angles are automatically selected by the app.

  • up to 6 metres light point height = 90°
  • 6 - 9 metres mounting height = 60°.
  • 12 metres and higher = 30°

Line based, you can choose between 90°, 60°, 30°.

What is the mounting height?

The mounting height is the height of the luminaire in the room. With ceiling mounting, it is equal to the ceiling height. With suspended systems, it is the ceiling height minus the pendant length.

How do I determine the illuminance?

The illuminance is defined for different purposes according to the standard.

Typical illuminance values (lx) are:

  • Production areas in factory buildings: 300 lx

  • Travel paths and racks in high-bay warehouses: > 150 lx

  • Supermarket aisles and promotional areas: > 500 to 750 lx in the shelving

  • Office workstations: > 500 to 750) lx

  • Moving walkways in airports: > 150 to 200 lx

  • Hotel corridors > 150 lx and reception areas: > 500 lx

  • Lighting for circulation routes in museums: > 150 lx


Which viewing level should I choose?

Where the required illuminance needs to be achieved at floor level, select 0 m; where, for example, it needs to be produced at desk level, select 0.75 m. The visual task is the deciding factor here. In corridors, this is the floor. In office areas, it is the desktop.

Which maintenance factor should I choose?

For clean rooms such as offices or rooms with little usage time, select 0.8. For all other applications, select 0.67.

What are the light reflectance values?

The light reflectance value is the ratio of incident and reflected light on a surface in percent. The order in the specification is /ceiling/wall/floor/.

Electrical engineering

Can I freely select the feed-in point in the app?

Can I freely select the feed-in point in the app? Speak to our support team, or click » here.

Is the cable routing for end feed-ins only possible at the front?

No. Feed-in is also possible from above.

What is the maximum power that can be fed into the system?

The maximum power that can be fed in is 250/400V T70 16A.

How many light modules can be connected to the automatic circuit breakers?

The answer is still being evaluated.

Can the system be plugged in under load (hot plugging)?

No. The system must always be plugged in without voltage. 

If an intermediate module fails, does the light go from the entire line?

No, the modules are connected in parallel to the mains voltage or to the through-wiring.

Can I add sensors and emergency lighting to systems configured with the app?

No. That requires lighting planning.


What types of installation are available?

Ceiling and pendant and wall installation is possible.

Up to what height can I install LINEDO?

As high as it makes sense from a lighting point of view, e.g. up to 22 m.

What is the maximum pendant distance?

The pendant distance is 2.27 m with a module length of 2296 mm and 4.5m with a module length of 4.547 mm

Can the suspensions be moved in the profile?

Yes, even across the connection points.

What tools do I need for installation?

Just the tool for installing the suspension. LINEDO can be plugged in and connected without any tools.

QM | Service | After Sales

What if a module fails?

For the first 36 months, the RZB service team will come on site for repair all over Europe.
Outside Europe, the module exchange is carried out by our service partners located next to the customer. 

How quickly is the RZB service team on site?

Within the terms of the Premium Guarantee, we will find the fastest possible date and coordinate it with you as a matter of priority.

Does the entire line go dark if one module fails?

Because of the parallel connection, only the failed module is affected

Is LINEDO easy to maintain?

Apart from interim cleaning, LINEDO is maintenance free.

You want to use LINEDO in more extensive projects?

Extensive projects require detailed lighting planning. Contact us by phone at +49 951 7909-375 or write an e-mail. We will take care of your project with advice and planning. Please click » here.

Your question is not listed?

Send us an e-mail. We will provide you the requested information as quickly as possible. Please click » here.