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Fluorescent lamp ban 2023

Time to act!

The end of luminaires with fluorescent lamps is here. Upgrade now to modern LED technology as an economical alternative.

Sustainable LED luminaires score with significantly lower consumption and a longer service life. This saves energy, resources and costs in the long term.

Find LED alternatives? So easy!

Keep an overview!

What is phased out and when?


The EU is aiming to save a total of 260 TWh of energy by 2030. Lighting alone would account for about 16 % of this. The refurbishment of lighting technology is therefore making an important contribution to the climate targets set by the EU – by replacing power-guzzling lamps by LED technology as a cost-saving alternative

 Sustainable LED luminaires are a success primarily because of their significantly lower power consumption and longer rated life, which saves energy, resources and costs in the long run.

Renovate and save now!

Start replacing your conventional lighting systems with LED technology now and benefit from the savings potential of modern luminaires.
Download our brochure on the fluorescent lamp ban and find all the important information.

Refurbish now!

Our tip: find your LED lighting from the RZB range quickly and easily. The blue boxes in our publications quickly show you the LED lighting to replace your conventional light sources.