Design awards for luminaires

Our products have won more than 50 international design prizes, including the red dot design award, if design award, German Design Prize, German Design Award, and Good Design award.

We proudly regard these honours as testimony to the excellence of our products, our strategies and our commitment to product quality.


Yes, it is different from the rest ... This sentence pertaining to the PLANOX ECO designed by RZB holds truer than ever when it comes to the newly developed PLANOX PRO moisture-proof luminaire. It is, however, much more than just that, with its highly efficient features and innovative housing!


Architectural pole top fitting GONIA takes advantage of highly energy efficient LED technology for Pathway and Road Lighting up to 4.5 m mounting height in fragmented surroundings. Small LED and optics lead to a minimised lamp compartment. Thus the standard lighting module featuring driver and attached cabling fits into the roof. For granting arm orientation options at the street the module can be rotated on site in 90 degree steps. Selection of 3 light distributions and 4 power levels provides a solution for virtually every lighting task. The modular structure and multiple use in different ranges are basis for optimising production and reducing stock e.g. for spares. Arm and roof with cabling come as separate packages. At assembly on site the roof is fixed to the arm after simply pulling the cable through the cast-in pipe leading into the pole. A plug connector on the module is easing maintenance. The sophisticated gasketing concept provides high IP rating of the entire roof space, e.g. using water-proof threaded sleeves. Gluing housing components reduces production complexity ensuring high IP rating.

Good Design Award 2015


The name SCAPHA comes from Latin and means “boat” – an homage to the perfect, clear shape of this exceptional luminaire. Proud, almost majestic, it “glides” through the room, every single millimetre of the glass body is filled with light. Its uniformity is astounding … while its softness contrasts thrillingly with the cool elegance of the aluminium body.

The designer Helmut Heinrich has created a light object with impressive design quality with SCAPHA. The progressive LED technology inside is the congenial addition and ensures the luminaire is efficient and sustainable.

reddot design award Winner  2015Good Design Award 2015German Designpreis Award 2016 Winner

LESS IS MORE® - The essence of light and aesthetics

As a prime example of how form and function can be successfully combined, the jury was also impressed by the minimalist design and high light quality of the LESS IS MORE® range of LED luminaries. Featuring state-of-the-art LED technology, they can be used for powerful and efficient general or accentuated lighting, and the range of sizes and lamps mean they can be used in just about any conceivable situation. RZB Product Designer Helmut Heinrich explains the uniqueness of this award-winning product: "In the combination shown here of high-quality aluminium profile surface and striking crystal glass cover painted white on the inside, the luminaire not only provides soft, indirect upward light and powerful downward lighting, it also makes an extremely strong design statement."

SIDELITE ELLYPSOID - State of the light

It’s often been said that design is the visualization of product quality – an adage that is clearly borne out by a merely cursory glance at our SIDELITE luminaire. And although we currently haven’t got a clue concerning this luminaire’s advanced lateral LED light injection or its exceptional anti-glare properties, we are already witness to path-breaking technology and craftsmanship.


The “ring of fire” is a volcano belt that surrounds the Pacific Ocean; it is an image of the incomparable forces of nature. A parallel? Definitely. Indeed this handmade masterpiece is fed by the latest LED technology instead of lava – in terms of dimension, shape and power this RING OF FIRE, which is constructed of glass and aluminium, seems amazingly similar to its natural counterpart.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

QUADRALED - Light squared, grace2

Even the base of this magnificent minimalistic crystal luminaire is invisible, leaving wall and space to the elegant crystal diffuser. This is in keeping with the QUADRALED’s advanced, but nonetheless minimalistic, LED technology. In short, this luminaire reflects the expertise and artistry of glassmaking in all of its many facets. The inner surface is embossed in both the round and square versions. Each luminaire is a magnificently handcrafted one of a kind object that provides outstanding lighting quality.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

reddot design award Winner  2015German Designpreis Award 2015 Special mention

SIDELITE® ROUND FerroMurano - Venetian legend

SIDELITE® ROUND FerroMurano impressed the prominent jury members with its symbiosis of authentic Venetian glass and extremely efficient "made in Germany" light technology. The centrepiece of the just 15 mm light is a Murano glass cover in four colour versions, which thanks to the LEDs set in the side produces an exceptionally uniform, powerful and gentle light. The direct power supply through the suspension cable makes the luminaire appear delicate and weightless. Helmut Heinrich, who was responsible for the development and design of the luminaires, believes that the collaboration with the glass manufacturer Ferro Murano was a particular honour: "Venetian glassblowing is a craft that remains legendary to this day.

PASCALA® - Elegant efficiency

Efficiency and elegance are far more closely related than you might think. For a supremely efficient luminaire like the Pascala gives you virtually unlimited freedom to realize innovative lighting designs that are not only pleasing to the eye but that also provide excellent lighting – and pay for themselves within a very short time.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

TENUO® - The quintessence of safety

How do you go about meeting safety requirements in settings where architecture, elegance and design are mission critical? How can standards be met if the architect is trying to get away from them? How can function and design be harmonized? The answers to these questions can be found in our ultra-flat and elegant TENUO escape sign luminaires.

SLOPIA - Prize-winning individualist

One of the salient traits of individuals with a strong personality is that they cope skillfully with daily challenges and integrate themselves into their environment in a manner that is fully consistent with and does not brook any compromise with their own personality. And so it is with our SLOPIA luminaires: stylish projectors that meet the highest design standards thanks to their extremely shallow and beautifully shaped spotlight element, while at the same time they impeccably fulfill their intended purpose, which is to provide masterful illumination.

LAVANO - Well-considered understatement

Not overbearing, but no wallflower either. Subtle and yet present. Minimal, and yet refined. Such superb aesthetic qualities shouldn’t be wasted by occurring outside of our field of view. But in fact our LAVANO luminaires are both beautiful and unobtrusive, and lend an ideally elegant accent to the decors of spaces where high illuminance and exceptionally ergonomic lighting are key. All this is made possible by a pair of adjacent diffusers that direct the light in two segments and thus generate a particularly bright and direct flashing light element.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

ECONE® Hybrid - Lighting aesthetics for a feeling of well being

Imagine how it would be if you could fill a room with natural daylight regardless of the position of the sun. Simulating this delicious outdoor feeling using artificial light creates a tremendous feeling of well being. And imagine how it would be if you had at your disposal a whole series of luminaires whose simplicity, accessories and versatility allowed you to position the lights just about anywhere you want in a given room. Well, this lighting solution already exists. It’s called the ECONE.

Designer: Hartmut S. Engel

DOUALA - In the circle of Light

Our DOUALA luminaires appear to float and in so doing capture your attention. They make a seamless transition from satin-finish opal glass to brushed stainless steel and back again. It’s hard to decide which is more impressive: the fact that DOUALA’s body and base meld impeccably? Or the exceptionally ergonomic lighting provided by DOUALA. Our DOUALA luminaire is an object of glass art that is also a stylish design element, featuring outstanding efficiency and innovation, which pays homage to one of the most harmonious forms in nature: the circle.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

reddot design award  Winner 2011iF product design award 2011Good Design Award 2012

COROS - The soul of the light

When the point is reached where nothing else can be dispensed with, we speak in terms of completion – a minimalistic principle from the design and other spheres that is impressively realized in our COROS luminaires, each of whose cubes is a graphic statement that appears to accommodate the soul of the light. The contemporary and versatile quality of these luminaires is attributable to the exceptionally successful combination of matt finishes and crystal edges.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

reddot design award Winner 2010

ARENO - Purism meets perfection

ARENO is a veritable classic, one that is unmatched when it comes to functionality, timelessness, and versatility. Its legendary glass oval is a joy to behold, while its corpus blends in perfectly in any setting. And while something so perfect does not really lend itself to improvement, it can be reinterpreted, so long as this is done with the requisite sensitivity to and knowledge of the requirements of contemporary lighting technology.

Designer: Helmut Heinrich - RZB

MERA - An award winning luminaire

Our MERA – which we consider to be as close as you can get to poetry in a luminaire – was designed in collaboration with ID Design of Krailling, Germany. And unsurprisingly for such a jewel of a product, the MERA won the Red Dot design award 2009.

reddot design award honourable mention 2009iF product design award 2010Designpreis Deutschland 2011 Nominee

MONDANA - The incredible lightness of being

The MONDANA, which was designed by Harmut S. Engel, combines the gentle direct light of the ultra-thin matt diffuser with very intelligently designed reflections – thus creating a playful lightness of light and form in a weightless, almost sensual dance.

Designer: Hartmut S. Engel

Smart Technology. Excellent Design.

»Smart Technology and Excellent Design« form the core and the basis of all developments. RZB has already received more than 50 internationally recognised design awards and appears in the German Design Council's book "Die großen deutschen Marken" ("Major German Brands"). In summer 2015, RZB was awarded the "Top 100" seal of approval in recognition of its achievements as one of Germany's most innovative SMEs. The company's core competences are in-house product development, production and
quality assurance in certified test laboratories at the Bamberg location. Day in, day out, more than 500 highly committed workers devote themselves to a great task: making a significant contribution towards defining the future of light.

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