Conditions of Sale & Delivery

Please find here our Conditions of Sale & Delivery as pdf files.

Suppliers & Purchasing

The base for our success.

Customer satisfaction and competitive products are the highest targets of RZB. In an extensively more global world, we can only succeed with reliable and powerful suppliers. We therefore place our emphasis on a long term, trustworthy and fair partnership with our suppliers in order to mutually optimize the supply chain and to commonly benefit from resulting synergies.

Can your and your products contribute to our goal to further improve our customer’s satisfaction?


Please download the supplier declaration:

Production Material

Electrical / electronical components

  • Electrical components (wires, sockets, …)
  • Electronical components (ballast, driver, LED, PCB, …)


  • steel / aluminum sheets
  • Punched, deep drawn or laser parts
  • Zinc and aluminum cast parts
  • Extruded aluminum profiles
  • Spinned, turned or milled parts
  • Springs, bent parts
  • Welded assembly groups
  • Surface treatment


  • Pellets
  • Sheet material for thermoforming
  • Injection molded parts
  • Extruded profiles
  • Rubber profiles and rubber forms


  • Opal glass
  • Pressed glass

Assembly groups


Merchandise goods

Investments, services, indirect material

  • Construction services
  • Industrial services
  • Information technologies
  • Tools
  • Consulting / Services
  • Logistic service
  • Print services


    If you recognize your products in this survey and if you are interested in working with RZB, please send an e-mail to einkauf(at)rzb-leuchten(dot)de

    We will contact you if your products might be of interest for us.

    We generally assume acceptance of our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase as well as of our Quality Assurance Agreement. Below you can find the link to these documents.

    RZB General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Index 104.pdf

    RZB Quality Agreement master Index 102 (GB).doc

    General Terms of Purchase for commercial products B2B

    Please download the supplier declaration: