Purchasing & Supplier Management

Competitive and innovative products that inspire our clients are RZB's top priority.

We are aware of the fundamental importance of reliable and consistently efficient partners in this context - which is why we have relied on long-term, trusting and appreciative cooperation with our suppliers and service providers from the very beginning.

Only under these conditions can processes be organised efficiently, synergies be exploited and the entire supply chain be optimised further and further.


We think it is great that topics such as sustainability, environmental awareness, corporate social responsibility and resource conservation are becoming increasingly important and at the same time are making more and more people think.

However, thinking alone is not enough; we see it as an ethical and social obligation to take responsibility and act concretely. Sustainable procurement is therefore an important corporate goal for us and means taking action against climate change.






Sustainability in the supply chain through CSR procurement

CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, refers to the responsibility of companies towards society and the environment. This includes the consideration of ethical, social and environmental aspects in business decisions and actions. Some examples of CSR activities include using renewable energy, supporting community projects, promoting diversity and inclusion, and complying with labour and environmental standards. CSR has become more important in recent years as more and more companies realise that sustainable action is not only beneficial for society and the environment, but also for the company's own growth and long-term financial performance.


Compliance & Environment

Adherence to basic "Compliance" and "Social Responsibility"

As a responsible company, we place great emphasis on compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Our compliance measures ensure that we prevent pollution, handle chemicals safely and meet emission standards. Through this commitment to the environment, we help minimise risks to the environment while strengthening our image as a sustainable company. We are proud to contribute to a cleaner environment and look forward to successfully implementing our environmental commitments in the future.

    Requirements for our suppliers

    • Innovation
    • Quality standards
    • Willingness to reduce costs and transparency
    • Adherence to delivery dates
    • Flexibility








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