Two Bamberg SMEs striving for more sustainability

Picturesque alleyways, medieval buildings, historic churches and Franconian cuisine - the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Bamberg offers an incomparable quality of life. But the city not only has culture at its heart, it is also home to innovative companies and thus employers who are confronted with the modern phenomena of the working world. Two of these companies are Dr. Pfleger Arzneimittel GmbH and RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH.

The pharmaceutical company Dr. Pfleger is active in the production, development and distribution of medical products and pharmaceuticals. The multi-specialist RZB develops, produces and distributes products and solutions in the market for professional lighting and illumination applications.
Apart from the different industries in which Dr. Pfleger and RZB operate, there are more similarities than differences between the two companies: the Bamberger DNA, innovative in their respective fields, medium-sized companies with social commitment and an important employer in the region. Another of the many parallels is the topic of sustainability, which is becoming increasingly relevant for all areas of the company, be it in the products themselves, in organizational decisions or in the expectations that employees have of their workplace and the company values. 

However, sustainability does not only affect companies; this aspect is also having an increasing impact in the private sector. Dr. Pfleger and RZB both recently made the decision to support their employees by installing charging stations on the company premises, thereby promoting the sustainable decision to switch to e-mobility. The ability to charge private vehicles during working hours can reduce range concerns. This is a great relief, especially for employees with longer daily commutes. But even for people who currently have no possibility of installing charging solutions in their home area, a charging park at the workplace certainly changes their perspective on the topic of e-mobility.  Charging at the workplace also saves time, as there is no need to search for charging stations and there are no queues like at public charging parks. Furthermore, many employers, including Dr. Pfleger and RZB, offer electricity at a reduced rate, so charging at the workplace is also a cost advantage. 

At Dr. Pfleger, the question of which charging system would be the right one was intensively discussed and analyzed. There are good reasons why the decision was made in favor of the innovative hybrid solutions from RZB Energy. "Light + charging" is the idea behind the new development, with which RZB is venturing into a completely new product segment. State-of-the-art charging technology has been added to robust outdoor lights that have been tried and tested for decades against wind and weather. With the modular concept, parking areas can be systematically planned with light and charging infrastructure and an aesthetically holistic design image of the respective application is also retained. With a charging capacity of up to 22kW, the solutions from RZB Energy are perfect for scenarios where the car is parked for several hours, such as for the duration of a working day. This is also the type of charging process that is most friendly to the life of the vehicle battery in the long term.

Dr. Pfleger has already relied on lighting solutions from RZB in the past - both indoors for the various work surfaces and outdoors in the parking areas. The hybrid solutions from the LUPALO series have been supplementing the parking areas at Dr. Pfleger since October 2023 as light bollards with an integrated charging function and have been received with great enthusiasm by the employees. Of course, RZB also relies on its in-house solutions - an overview of the products and different variants can be found at  

Companies have a key role to play in shaping a sustainable future. Dr. Pfleger and RZB are equally aware of this social responsibility and are particularly proud to have developed a solution with local partners for this project.


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