The new one - Product selection guide 2023/2024

Fresh from the "printing machine" you will find enclosed our portfolio of lighting solutions, which you will be able to refer to until the end of 2024!

Product selection guide | Indoor and outdoor lighting 2023/2024
Product selection guide | Indoor and outdoor lighting 2023/2024

Just a quick word for all who are missing the section emergency lighting: We are already working on the new edition of this special and popular catalogue!

RZB ENERGY - light+charge

The expansion of e-mobility is in full swing - the creation of the necessary infrastructure is considered to be a major task of our time. With the release of the brand RZB ENERGY we have developed a modular concept of luminaires with an integrated charging function. Our well established light columns and bollards of the series LUPALO and BOCARO, which until now have functioned as external lighting only, have been hybridised in the meantime to smartly integrate the charging function into the design. You will find them marked accordingly in the section of outdoor luminaires and on

Ban on fluorescent lamps - alternative light solutions

The EU-wide ban on fluorescent lamps still continues to be a major topic. Believe it or not, we can offer you 40,787 alternative solutions - we have actually counted them all - to change your conventional lighting system. We are sure that you will find something suitable for you amongst them as you head for more sustainability.


As we are talking about the subject of sustainability: Information on system efficiency (lm/W) will help you choose especially efficient products and stock keeping will be made a lot easier by offering more flexible product series with MultiLumen, MultiColour and even MultiCutOut functions. You can also integrate our light management systems into your projects to increase both cost and CO2 efficiency.

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We also regard the reduced print run of this compendium as part of our contribution to increase sustainability. Please feel free to use our digital edition, which will endow you with the added value of interactive links and take you directly to the product on our website that is currently redesigned for you! Curious? We will keep you posted!


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