About RZB Lighting

RZB. Rudolf Zimmermann of Bamberg. Made in Germany. Made in Bamberg.

Charming, narrow mediterranean streets, picturesque buildings, the imposing presence of the Alte Rathaus (old town hall) in Regnitz, the opulent Kaiserdom – Bamberg is a magnificent jewel that was classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993.

This congenial and lively city is our home, whose name we are proud to use as a calling card, and whose modern infrastructure and rich and varied cultural life we are very fond of. Bamberg is part of greater Nuremberg and headquarters to a number of prominent small businesses with a worldwide reach.

For us and our customers, Made in Germany means Made in Bamberg. And a company that started out more than eight decades ago as a manufacturer of electrical consumer goods has evolved into one of the most influential enterprises in the international lighting industry. Our more than 600 employees devote themselves day in and day out to innovation and the challenge of developing and manufacturing luminaires of the highest quality.

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Quality is our watchword – RZB quality.

For us, quality means making no compromises and carrying out our work in a precise, responsible and solution oriented manner.

A company that makes more than 20,000 top notch lighting implements daily can only ensure consistent quality via one crucial factor: its own desire to get as close as humanly possible to perfection. Each process step is meticulously quality-controlled, continuously optimized and, where necessary, revamped.

Our success has always been driven by our willingness to continuously improve the quality of our products and the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. Plus we are not content to merely meet the prevailing standards: instead we set them, worldwide.


It’s good when form follows function. But it’s even better when the two harmonize.

We feel strongly that one streamlined principle will open up myriad possibilities. What may at first glance sound easy is in fact the greatest challenge of the product development process: for you can only break the rules if you already know them like the back of your hand.

Only if you have mastered the essentials can you bring about innovative and inventive change. And only then can you continuously reinvent the relationship between form and function and in so doing create a genuinely distinctive interplay between lighting technology, efficiency and product design aesthetics.

All of the work we do is the outgrowth of our own R&D department and creative-design department, as well as our excellent working relationships with external designers. All of this results in what can only be termed the priceless opportunity to shape the future of lighting technology and design.

Thinking “green” is one thing, but putting it into action quite another.

We’re pleased to see that concerns such as sustainability, environmental awareness and resource protection are taking on ever growing importance in today’s world and are prompting many to reflect on their practices. But reflection alone is not enough. We feel that we have a moral responsibility to take positive action in the sphere of environmental and resource stewardship.

Thus as a matter of course we continuously optimize our technologies with the aim of achieving the greatest possible energy and resource efficiency. The entirety of our development and production process centers around cost efficiency and value creation, for nothing protects the environment better and is more environmentally sustainable than timelessly designed long-lasting products.

And we really do put our money where our mouth is when it comes to the environment.

In 2010 our Bamberg plant was fitted out with a high tech solar energy installation whose 30,000 square meters of solar collector surface and more than 1.1 megawatts of output supply the lion’s share of the plant’s energy and reduce carbon emissions by 930,000 kilograms annually.