• Flughafen Airbase der Schweizer Luftwaffe, Meiringen (Schweiz)

Airbase »Swiss Airforce«

Meiringen military airport in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland opened in 1941 and is still in use by the Swiss Air Force today. With around 200 jobs and 25 trainee positions, it has a high economic significance for the region and is also a visitor attraction. Aircraft enthusiasts can get a close-up view of jets taking off and landing or visit the airport on regular open days. One of the Swiss Army's operating aircraft is on display at the entrance to the site. To ensure visitors can see every detail even when it's dark, Terra stainless steel projectors with a protection class of IP 68 have been set in the ground. The light can be directed at precisely the right place thanks to individual adjustment of the reflector angle, thus avoiding light pollution.

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