Industrial Lighting

Robust products, smart control: Hello, future!

Sustainable production is becoming more and more important. By the year 2020 European industry will have to improve its energy efficiency by one fifth*, to mention just one of the objectives.

Light - or rather: modern industrial lighting - is one of the topics and objectives of sustainable production, and is an elementary component of this reform and development. At the same time, the standards to be met by this type of lighting are very high: many different aspects have to be taken into consideration, from energy efficiency and cost effectiveness through safety and compliance with standards, to adaptability and future-proof services. Accordingly, products from the industrial lighting segment have to have very specific technical and design properties.

In our industrial lighting category, we can present exactly such products and product ranges. RZB luminaires and lighting solutions that

  • allow tailor-made, exemplary energy-efficient use, and
  • the utilisation of highly developed (LED) technologies
  • support the reduction of CO2
  • stand up to heavy and extremely heavy loads
  • are easy to install, low-maintenance and durable
  • will convince you with good glare suppression and uniform light output
  • can contribute towards optimising processes and improving productivity
  • can increase production safety
  • can improve efficiency and reduce the error rate
  • are adaptable and allow flexible utilisation of space
  • make it possible to plan rapid amortisation

Furthermore, the following also applies to the topic of industrial lighting:

A lighting solution can only reach maximum efficiency in the "right" context. Our products are ideal for integration in modern light management systems - one of the most important preconditions for comprehensive, modern lighting concepts and not least for the utilisation of current BAFA or BMU subsidy programmes and funds.

Contact us - we shall be pleased to advise you and accompany you in your selection, planning and implementation.

* Source: innovations-report - Forum für Wissenschaft, Industrie und Wirtschaft