Light and education

for educational institutions

The human sense of hearing is a wondrous thing, but it’s fair to say that our eyes do far more for us than our ears, since visual impressions remain in the mind far more reliably and for longer. And thus lighting design is a crucial element in any educational institution.

The sole factors that come into play here are no longer, as was once the case, the performance capabilities of human eyesight, or “hard” factors such as DIN standards, safety, illuminance values and energy efficiency. For light also affects the mood, appetite for learning, and motivation of learners, determines whether children and young adults will find their learning environment to be positive, is key to concentration, and focuses the learner’s attention.

As professional lighting designers for kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, and vocational training institutions, we are keenly aware of all of the aforesaid parameters, which we apply in developing customized lighting solutions that can be adjusted to various instructional modalities and to the time of day. For one thing is certain: good lighting promotes effective classroom teaching and learning.