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Shop Lighting


Online shopping is becoming more and more popular ... So will “traditional stores” become obsolete in the near future? No way!

The latest figures* actually show that people still spend most of their money at local bricks and mortar stores – namely ten times as much as they spend on shopping online.

To make sure that this trend continues, store owners need to rely on and strengthen the “secret of their success”, providing an emotional and multi-sensory shopping experience. How does the pullover you’d like to buy really feel on the skin? What kind of crystal glass can create the most beautiful light refraction effect? How does the cream smell? Shopping with all five senses is still a very special experience that will never be possible online.

An intelligent store lighting solution should thus do far more than just provide the necessary lighting. It should take into account the increasingly high bar being set by shopfitters when it comes to energy efficiency and sustainability, while at the same time providing a refined solution that heightens the shopping experience by promoting multi-sensory perception at the point of sale.

In order to work, modern store lighting concepts also need to factor in not only the particularities of the featured brands and products, but also the effect store lighting has on shoppers. How can product attributes, benefits and messages be shown in the best light? What’s the best way to present colours, forms and the sensory aspects of products in an authentic fashion that also promotes sales? How can a store establish an atmosphere where the customer’s purchasing desires become purchase decisions? How can a bricks and mortar store create the kind of rich shopping experience that is simply not possible online?

These are the kinds of issues that we address in designing store lighting for our customers, the goal being to work closely with shopfitters, architects and interior designers to develop tailor made lighting concepts that promote sales in an energy efficient manner and that can potentially ramp up the competitive advantage of a given POS.

*Source: EHI Retail Institute GmbH, October 2013